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Woodrow, aka Woody, is a Blinx fan character made by Noxivaga. He is a Time Sweeper, working alongside many others who are also working to achieve the goal of universal peace. Woody is a member on team Red Blitz.

He exists in a Blinx AU (alternate universe) the creator made.


Attribute Color
Fur Tans/Browns
Eyes Earth Green
Jacket Varies
Pants Varies
Boots Varies
Goggle Lens Clear
Gloves Black
Metal Black

This country boy's fur patterns align more with your run-of-the-mill tabby. He's rather short, and built more like a wrestler.


Woody is as real as they come. He's very chill, and very much focused on the possible and the rational. Don't take his lax demeanor for being slow-- while he does roll with the punches as they come and tackles things one at a time, he's actually smarter than most people credit him for, and has a knack for reading in between the lines. He just prefers to cross the bridge when he gets there. He mostly keeps to himself and minds his own business.

Being raised on a farm, he knows how to work. Working hard is the only pace of work he knows, or may as well not do the job at all. Do it right and do it well the first try, and you'll save time. However, he is not a workaholic, and very much enjoys his downtime.

Woody has a lot of patience. A lot. But, he can turn pretty nasty once he runs out of that patience, saying and doing things he normally would not. If that ever happens. He has no time or energy to waste on various bull***t. If he thinks the situation is straying too far off course, he'll bluntly comment on it to bring it to attention. Sometimes, he can be a bit too honest.


Standard sweeper. Slingshot. Can pick up and use most weapons on-the-spot.

Specializes in tracking and radar equipment, and other equipment used to mission that are related to location and mapping.


While he's not your deadeye, or your melee champ, he can read terrain and plan routes very well. He can track where someone, or something, has been, and track them from that point on with excellent accuracy.


Being on the younger side of the sibling lineup, Woody and the 4 other siblings were considered the "little half." The little half were more-or-less grouped together, for after his parents raised the "big bunch," the littles all became the same to them. Woody, even though he's kid number six of ten, always took after the behaviors of the big bunch, who collectively were more responsible and cooperative. Over time, his family would consider him one of the bigs at heart. He didn't end up with the tasks of helping raise the others, so him and the sibling just older than him actually had the most unrestricted freedom of all the kids. They were the dreamers. 

Woody, for a long time, actually always wanted to go to the armed forces and "do some good, somewhere." He's always up for nearly anything, and likes a good challenge. Keep life interesting. So, when the time came for him to make choices and move on, he was in a position to be able to do almost anything, but he still wanted to go. His parents didn't object at all-- they know that wherever he goes, he'll be fine and well.  

With achievement after achievement, his path soon wound up in another training regime. At first, he was confused as to why he needed to do training, again, after he just got out of training. His superiors told him that they thought he'd do well over in... well, whatever being a "sweeper" was, as far as Woody knew at the time. 

He still remembers the first time he shuffled up to his room, in a massive interconnected structure that seemed to be apart of some sort of pseudo-futuristic time jump. He's never seen anything like it.

Waving his ID card in front of an electronic door lock, the door unlatched itself and allowed him to enter. Before Woody knew who he was really looking at, he was met with the gaze of a scruffy, dark, city boy with piercing blue eyes. This kid seemed to also just arrive there, as his stuff is half put away and half still in a bag. He spoke with a very apathetic tone to Woody. 

"So, you're the roommate." 




  • Woody was on the very first team that Noxi played the game with.
  • He has a country drawl, but not a country accent.
  • Ask any of his teammates: if you are close enough to hear him, he has some of the funniest side-comments for any situation.
  • Woody hardly ever turns down a competition.
  • He whittles mini sculptures out of found materials and debris from worlds he visits in his free time.
  • He might be a bit undersized, but don't underestimate him. Growing up with 9 siblings, when you pick on one, you pick on all of them. He's had to rough up some big guys before to protect his own.
  • His tail is not naturally shorter; he lost half of it in a close encounter with machinery.