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Vel is a fan character created by Nick. He is a relatively new Sweeper that has yet to be assigned to a team, but can often be seen with his friend Mo.


Clothing Color
Fur White, gray
Eyes Orange
Jacket Cyan
Pants Magenta, yellow stripe
Boots Magenta
Gloves White
Goggle Lens Blue
Metal Gray, magenta
Accessories Black horn earring

Vel is of average height, and fairly chubby when compared to most other Sweepers. He wears the Bright set from TTS, a cyan jacket with magenta pants sporting a yellow stripe, magenta boots, white gloves, and blue lens goggles with a magenta strap. His main defining features are his striped tail and his cloudy eye, a birth defect, though this doesn't have much effect on his sight or performance.


Vel is an outgoing cat, and will almost always find a reason to talk with someone when he feels like chatting. His closest friend is Mo, who's been by his side since before they were in training. He can often be seen wandering the factory looking for food and fun when not out on the field.

While he tries out many hobbies, his favorite thing to do is cook, and can often be seen either creating or assisting with pretty much any culinary idea one can think of. Be it sweet, savory, or something else altogether, he can, will, and probably has tried it.


Unless helping Mo out with one of his experiments, he almost exclusively uses his TS-16000 UV Lv. 3, but he also has some tricks up his sleeves, and is normally able to find a way to use his environment to his advantage, even when short on trash to fire.


Mo signed up for training at the age of 17 alongside Mo and became an official Sweeper around the time the B1Q64 incident. He was a quick learner and managed to passed above average by a fair margin. After graduating from training, he spends most of his off time in the kitchen, either looking for a meal or preparing one.


Mo - Vel's longest-lasting friend, and by far his closest. Sometimes helps him out with his experiments, or just getting out and spending time with others.

Scrag - Enjoys having lunch with him, and occasionally joins him in the kitchen to make meals and jokes of equal cheesiness.

Keiko - Looks up to Keiko, especially her cooking, and often tries to help her out when he's able to.

Official Art[]