Team Timewalker is a fan team created by catgirl140.

The team follows that of the Time Sweeper protagonist's team in Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space, contributing to the Big Crystal incident and being chosen to fight the final battle at A-000.

A member of the team is sometimes nicknamed as a Timewalker.


Team Timewalker consists of one fan character and three NPCs that can be hired in MOTAS. The backup members are also hirable NPCs.

The team was officially registered right before the Big Crystal incident. As such, the team's first battle together was fighting the Tom Toms in the Pirate's Graveyard.



  • Keiko (Leader) -
  • Ian - The unofficial vice leader of Team Timewalker. In the event Keiko drops dead, this guy is in charge.
  • Stuart
  • Christopher

Backup members:

  • Nelson - Worked with Keiko once during a training session.
  • Elliot - The most recent Time Sweeper to join the team. He joined so he could participate in tournaments as part of a team.


Clothing Colour
Jacket Black, green
Pants Black
Boots White
Goggle Lens Green
Gloves White
Metal Black



  • The creator's team in their save file has all the same members registered.
  • Ian, Stuart and Christopher were chosen for this team due to being the highest ranked members in the creator's save for the longest time.
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