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Team Timewalker is a fan Sweeper team created by NipChip.

Everyone but the leader Keiko are based on NPCs in Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space.


Team Timewalker is a high ranking team of Sweepers that are usually assigned missions that involve ambushing Tom Toms bases or tackling more dangerous worlds with more abnormal energy levels that need to be investigated.

If you observe the team's antics long enough, you'll easily conclude that half of the time they're seen together is spent eating. Keiko is mostly to blame because she keeps baking for her teammates with no regards for health. It's a wonder how none of the members are out of shape or have low energy levels but that could be chalked up to training the calories off.


Member Position Rank Sweeper Weapon
Keiko Leader A TS-X9 LV3 Shotgun
Ian Member / Backup Leader A TS-16000 LV3 TM-Gun
Stuart Member A TS-16000 S LV3 MaG-420
Christopher Member S TS-X7 Lv.3+ Winterfield
Elliot Backup Member S TS-16000-S Lv.3 G300 RAY


The Timewalker uniform is exactly the same as Keiko, going off the implied assumption that teams adopt the same uniform as their leader.

Clothing Colour
Jacket Black, green
Pants Black
Boots White
Goggle Lens Green
Gloves White
Metal Black


Timewalker usually opts for a straightforward, well-thought-out approach to their missions and battles. It's very rarely they go into a mission or battle without evaluating the situation and deciding the best approach.

As a result, when thrown in a situation where no planning can be done, each member will almost immediately split off on their own and mostly just hope for the best. (Keiko and Ian often tag team together out of habit though.) Each member is plenty skilled enough to easily handle most situations on their own, but Keiko eventually came to the conclusion that training members to coordinate with every other member would be beneficial.


Keiko has placed a few weapon restrictions on her team based on performance and what the Time Factory can engineer, repair and provide ammo for.

  • Sweepers must be LV3.
  • All ranged weapons must be of the 'Gun' type as the Time Factory doesn't readily provide other types of ammo. The exception to this is the G300 Ray which is an 'Energy' weapon that was engineered by the Time Sweepers.
    • If they manage to get their hands on dropped Tom Tom weapons on the field they can take those for the duration of the mission.
      • Stuart, in particular, has an affinity for explosives.


  • The creator's team in their save file has all the same members registered.
  • Ian, Stuart and Christopher were chosen for this team due to them being the highest ranked members in the save file for the longest time.