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Team Firefly is a Time Sweeper team created and owned by Elias (or Grizzrobe) and the second team he created after Team Viceroys.

Team Firefly consists of six members, being led by team leader Elias Dorne (callsign "Rivet") and his second-in-command and team's scout Raj Amir (callsign "Hornet").


Team Firefly is a Time Sweeper team consisting of highly-experienced Time Sweeper agents who, like many other Time Sweepers, specialized in monitoring time flow in different dimensions and clean-up any Time Glitches if any occurred. Each members of Team Firefly all come from different backgrounds before they eventually joined the Time Factory.

The team is led by Elias "Rivet" Dorne and his second-in-command and scout, Raj "Hornet" Amir, who created the team through means that have yet to be revealed. Each members of the team played a specific role depending on their class while Elias makes sure that his members are doing their jobs and complete missions. Meanwhile, team's engineer, Chelsea "Scratch" Reed, guides the team via communication and hacking networks and infrastructures if necessary.

The team mostly monitored World R8VP4, better known as Retrowave World (same world Team Viceroys monitors), for any Time Glitches or any acts of troubles. Besides Retrowave World, they also monitored other worlds, such as Half-and-Half World, Sky World, and so forth. When not in a mission, the team would either be practicing in combat, exercising, playing video games, watch television, and so on. Each member of Team Firefly has their own callsign/nicknames for when they need to refer to each other quickly.


Team Firefly

Members of Team Firefly. (Drawn by Cordus22)

Members Position Specialization Rank
Elias "Rivet" Dorne Team Leader Leader S
Raj "Hornet" Amir Second-in-Command Scout A
Chelsea "Scratch" Reed Member Engineer A
Atticus "Foxy" Blackburn Member Recon A
Millie "Virus" Nguyen Member Field Medic B
Lionel "Bandit" Frost Member Heavy B

Elias "Rivet" Dorne: Elias is the leader of Team Firefly. While he is rather stern, intrepid, and somewhat lacks in emotion, he is somewhat viewed as a good team leader who cares about his members in return and wants to protect them in critical situations. Prior to working at the Time Factory, he was forcibly given cybernetic implants following a deadly incident that left him mortally wounded when he used to work for a tech corporation, which the implants granted him the ability to use weapons with ease as well as being highly skilled in combat. The implants also granted him the ability to perform acrobatic movements and parkour as well as other advanced movement techniques. When doing missions, he often times work alone, but he may have at least one of his team members with him in case he needs them, but he tends to do most of the work due to his abilities and skills.

Raj "Hornet" Amir: Amir is the team's scout and Elias' second-in-command. Prior to working at the Time Factory, he used to work for an advanced military tech corporation as an R&D personnel before he eventually resigned and joined the Time Factory as a Time Sweeper agent. During missions, he usually goes alone due to his fast movements that he got from his excessive exercising and prior training when he joined the Time Factory. Members of Team Firefly described him as very hasty and someone who likes to take risks, regardless of the possible dangers of them. Because he's a scout who likes to move very fast, he often times exercise with Elias during free time or try to beat his own exercise records. Since he wants to remain light on his feet, he often favors lightweight Sweepers and other lightweight weapons over heavier weapons.

Chelsea "Scratch" Reed: Chelsea is the team's engineer and hacker and the youngest member. Before she joined Team Firefly, she used to be a one of the mission operators of the Time Factory and a suspected gray hat computer hacker, which caused her to be demoted to a mere Time Sweeper agent. She is described as very jolly, humorous, friendly to others, and more relaxed than the other members of Team Firefly. She's usually not in the field during missions, in which she provided her team members out in the field important information and hack infrastructures and security for them if they need it. And whenever she is out in the field, she would build her personal makeshift automated sentry turrets and armed unmanned drones to have them fight alongside her. Weapons she favored are Sweepers and lightweight firearms.

Atticus "Foxy" Blackburn: Atticus is the team's recon who provided his teammates intel as well as a skilled marksman in the team. He used to work for an unnamed black operations organization, where he gained massive firearms, reconnaissance, and free-running training before joining the Time Factory. Atticus' was also diagnosed with autism-spectrum disorder as a child, which caused him to have a rather eccentric, quiet, and modest behavior, a description that other members described him as. His autism caused him to lack sympathy, struggling to communicate long sentences, and struggling to have conversations with his fellow team members, in which his peers have a hard time getting to know him. Regardless, Elias trusted Atticus enough to be an important member in his team. As a reconnaissance specialists and marksman, Atticus favorite weapons of choice are sniper rifles and unmanned drones provided by Chelsea. Because of his background as a former black operations agent, he would share a bit of his experiences to his team members, in which they can learn their tactics better and better strategized their mission approach.

Millie "Virus" Nguyen: Millie is the team's field medic and surgeon. She was formerly a military surgeon before she was honorably discharged after serving for six years. However, her lack of sympathy when treating patients or witnessing her patients dying was very notable during her active service. This was due to her being diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder, which she was diagnosed when her father passed away when she was a kid, to which she shows no emotional feelings. Although despite this, she was recruited into the Time Factory as a Time Sweeper medic for Team Firefly. However, members and other Time Sweeper agents described her as very quick-tempered, adamant, and highly cynical. When treating wounds to her members, she always blames them for getting themselves hurt and lacking kindness towards for her. These lead to her not having a favorable view from other Time Sweeper agents, but Elias still treats her as a valuable member in the team, although he does berates Millie for not showing respect to her teammates. When using weapons, she often uses firearms over Sweepers.

Lionel "Bandit" Frost: Lionel is the team's heavy weapon specialist and the oldest member in the team. Before joining the Time Factory, he used to be a decorated firefighter, serving for twenty years with an impressive track record. However, he was forced to resigned after suffering symptoms of schizophrenia and post-traumatic stress disorder after witnessing his fellow firefighter members being killed during fire and rescue operations. However, his impressive experiences as a firefighter and the fact he served for many years caught the attention of the Time Factory, who offered him a position in their company as a Time Sweeper agent to assist in fixing Time Glitches in many worlds. Due to his status as a veteran firefighter, he was often viewed as brave and serious by many Time Sweeper agents, with some of them viewed him as a hero for saving lives when he used to be a firefighter, although he still suffered from the symptoms of the mental disorders he received back then. Because of all of this, Elias viewed Lionel as a hard-working member who served an important role in his team. He often uses heavy weapons and rocket launchers.


Clothing Color

Trench Coat

Black, Yellow
Shirt Yellow
Pants Blue
Boots Black
Goggle Lens Black
Gloves Yellow
Metal Yellow (Boots)

Yellow (Goggles)

Although Team Firefly share the same uniform outfit and color, they also wear a wide variety of accessories, such as caps, beanies, hoods, cloaks, body armor, ammo pouches, kneepads, and holsters. Millie wears a black vest shirt over her yellow shirt and Lionel wears a turtleneck sweater instead of a yellow shirt.


Any mission Team Firefly are assigned to do, either from their mission operator or from Elias, they always get it done through any means necessary. Because of prior training of some of the members in the team (notably Elias and Atticus), they are a very well-trained team and they always have a strategic way to get missions done. Even during critical situations, they can come up with a new way to approach objectives easily without aborting mission.

Each members, despite some having no training in combat before joining the Time Factory, are well-trained in combat and in using weapons depending on their class roles, such as Atticus being more specialized in long-range weapons and Lionel being more specialized in heavy weapons. Even without weapons, they still play an important role in their team, such as Chelsea hacking infrastructures and making and using automated turrets made out of improvised materials. However, several members do have questionable ethics due to some members lacking sympathy due to conditions they received prior to joining the Time Factory (notably Atticus due to having autism and Millie having antisocial personality disorder). Despite this, Elias fully trusted each members in the team and encouraged to continue doing what they're doing and always keep their heads low during assignments.


  • Team Firefly shared many similarities with Grizzrobe's previous team, Team Viceroys.
    • Both teams consist of six members, each with the leader's second-in-command.
    • Several members of each team shared the same classes. Although they both have different class names, Chelsea and Samantha; Lionel and Jeff played very similar roles (Chelsea and Samantha are both hackers and Lionel and Jeff often used heavy weapons in their respective teams).
    • Several members of each team had prior combat training before joining the Time Factory, notably Elias and Atticus of Team Firefly and Leland and Angus of Team Viceroy.
    • Each members of Team Firefly preferred to refer to each other by their first names, last names, or their callsigns. Same goes with each member of Team Viceroy.
  • As mentioned above, each members of Team Firefly refer to each other in different ways like Team Viceroy.
    • Elias and Chelsea refer by their callsigns.
    • Raj and Millie refer by their last names.
    • Atticus and Lionel refer by their first names.
  • During the making of Team Firefly, Grizzrobe went through multiple changes of the team's roster before its official creation, such as the names of each members, callsigns, and classes.
  • Each member of Team Firefly are heterosexual with the exception of Elias and Chelsea, who are asexual and bisexual respectively.