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Tama is a Blinx fan character made by Noxivaga. He is a Time Sweeper, working alongside many others who are also working to achieve the goal of universal peace. Tama leads team Red Blitz.

He exists in a Blinx AU (alternate universe) the creator made.


Attribute Color
Fur Black, white, gray
Eyes Sky blue
Jacket Varies
Pants Varies
Boots Varies
Goggle Lens Tinted red
Gloves Black
Metal Black

Tama resembles a marbled tabby, although the tabby swirl pattern have a bit more of a geometric touch. His ears are moderately frayed−one more so than the other.

Like with all institutions with teams, his team has multiple uniforms. One involves the uniform the creator in the game helped provide, sporting a dark green camo jacket and dark blue camo pants. The other is a crisp-lined red/white/black uniform, and there are variations of both uniforms to accommodate weather and world conditions.


This guy does not exhibit the traits of an ideal Sweeper, personality-wise. Physically, however, Tama is the ideal Sweeper. Rules are relative, and bendable−if not breakable. Plans and strategies are not set in stone. Authorities don't mean much to him, mostly doing only what he sees fit. 

Being a leader helped him migrate from his selfish tendencies to becoming selfless, nearly always doing things with his team in mind. Tama went from being highly self-centred and self-serving to doing more mindlessly-selfless things for his team than even they realize. He's still got old, rooted-in habits being a pretty neutral character, making decisions with his own well-being as priority. 

He's not exactly afraid to speak his mind, and usually has little regard for the consequences. Tama can be very manipulative and deceitful, but would much rather use those tricks to get out of sticky situations than just for sheer self-gain or to take advantage of others. In a normal situation, it requires a lot for him to be sympathetic for another, especially strangers. He trusts a select few, and in order to see his compassionate side, you have to be in that small circle. Right now, that circle is his team. 

Tama doesn't work hard for every last thing, but if he sees something beneficial to him (or now, his team), he's damn determined. What he does is decide the things he can for sure obtain, work for those and secure them then look at other possible options. Whatever he does, that can be decided as good or bad, really depends on who you're talking to. He won't always make the morally good decision−he'll make the best decision for the given situation. 

Tama is fairly outgoing, but can be a bit moody. He has no real issues holding a conversation with whoever happens to be nearby, showing a basic level of respect until whoever he's talking to proves that they, in fact, didn't earn it after all. He's got that personality that lures you in-- if you want to figure him out, you have to get in closer. He is quick-witted and cunning, and very conscious of his surroundings. He very much enjoys a good joke, prank, or stunt just for the sake of it. The better the prank, the better the reward. Lord help you if he, Lloyd, and Gray are all grouped up and scheming. You bet they started that one massive food fight in the caf.

Skills and Abilities[]

Tama, due to his life before the Corps, has a refined skill in stealth and moving around undetected... when he chooses to.


Tama mains a TS-5000 X LV2. In versus tournaments, he'll use TVM-3s, Bazookas, Fireworks, and a dotting of other firearms made available.

Thoroughly enjoys using melee and high-fiving someone's face with a fist-- running out of ammo usually isn't a huge problem for him, as long as he can still fight his way through.


He's a street kid who got a second chance. He was hopping around orphanages and foster homes for most of his life before he decided to kick it alone.

After getting caught by law enforcement for robbing a store and lighting it up in flames with friends, an acquaintance in the system vouched for him to get an alleviated sentence. He got sent to the military, and then after not much time spent in there he got sent off to this mysterious armed forces branch he's... not really heard of. Ever.

Training wasn't easy, and that's not because he did not have the skills required-- he tends to butt heads with his superiors, which in turn, leads to difficult days in boot camp. Eventually, beef between him and his supervisors got to the point where he really couldn't get booted for technical things, but someone still wanted him gone. What that supervisor especially did not like was that Tama was good. Very good. Later, after he passed rookie exams, the undermining activity from above really picked up from there. He got listed as a leader in an attempt to fail him out of the corps−Tama knows he's not the type to lead. Hell, everyone knows he's not the type to lead.

As a form of retaliation, he decided to do his best to prove them wrong. He suspected it was a higher general and his circle who was behind this. Some of his first assigned teammates, Woody and Grover, are still with him. They will admit (and Grover will straight-up tell you) that they were very skeptical walking in and seeing him. They knew who he was. Now? He's got a full team who'd run through hell for him, and he'd do the same. That one superior is still doing things to work against Tama, because he does not like that he was proven wrong by some Sweeper with a mind of his own, like shorting his team's income or wiping their name off of agendas that sends them to prestigious worlds. Tama brought to light that there was something odd going on, making it known well enough that staff are double-checking deployment lists. Suits in charge still don't exactly know who's doing it. The activity has slowed but has not stopped entirely.

Team Red Blitz is now one of the higher-ranked teams in the corps.


Team Assignment: Red Blitz

"Welcome to the Red Blitz. Welcome to hell."

See the team page for more information.




Not too fond of this kid. And it's nothing about Blinx himself, it's more about how he gets treated by the higher-ups. Blinx, however, has definitely earned his keep and Tama knows this, but, he thinks Blinx is a little overrated. Tama's interactions with him are strictly professional, but he has a hard time hiding his salt sometimes.


Tama respect Chron's ability to think his way through even the toughest of situations, but Chron's tendency to whine for whining's sake really tests Tama's patience.


Ultimate respect for this fella. Tama appreciates NecoJi more than he'll ever admit and admires his ability to just get the job done-- no distractions, no balonga about it. He can tell NecoJi was raised with a strong sense of solidarity and the importance of family.


He's pretty indifferent to Pelon, but not carelessly. Pelon's personality and contagious energy is alright with Tama. However, Tama enjoys competing alongside him and will take up that offer any day.


He is the closest to Picaro than to any of the other NPCs by a longshot. He and Tama share a lot of the same views, and both rationalize on the same level. Picaro was one of the first cats Tama met upon entering the corps as an official Sweeper. Picaro and NecoJi share the "all business no bull" approach to completing missions, and that's something Tama can relate with.



He's Tama's best friend. He picks up where Tama falls behind, and vice-versa. Lloyd offsets Tama's apathy with a humble amount of sympathy and was crucial in Tama's personal growth. Lloyd's fiery demeanor and easygoing outlook on life kind of makes him a role model to Tama. Lloyd's a good kid and does teach Tama things he lacks in character.


He is... basically Tama's double, and even looks like him, except much, much more of an asshole. Tama often wonders that, if he barely made it through to Sweeperhood, then how the hell did Gray do it? Gray's smart, and knows what's real. He and Gray can bounce ideas off each other all day−whether it be good or probably another plan to put saran wrap on the community toilets again.


Lenny acts like Tama's voice of reason. Tama has some issues being able to connect with Lenny, as Lenny does not talk or reveal much about himself. Ironically, Tama is also very selective about what he puts out about himself−and it's also not much, either. The one other person in the team who knows the most about Lenny is Woody. Putting that aside, Tama knows that the best way to work with Lenny is to be a strong leader to him, or else Lenny will not fully cooperate. Tama doesn't mind−if he's slacking, Lenny will let him know in some way or another.


The team deputy. If Tama is unavailable or goes down, Grover assumes command. Like Lenny, Grover works entirely off respect and a mutual understanding that there's a job to be done. Tama manages to gain Grover's trust pretty late into Grover's time as a member on the team. Once that happened, though, they both know that each is someone they can solidly trust and rely on at all times.


Was the first to break the initial trust barrier when the team met Tama. Woody's incredibly humble, but there is no shortage in bravery and integrity within him. Like Lloyd, Woody grounds Tama and keeps him straight. In turn, Tama shows that sometimes the fight isn't always about doing the right thing, and you can't always control it. Sh!t happens.


Tempus Fleet

The team that Tama both likes and hates the most. They're both his rivals and his friends. He can deal with everyone, except a Sweeper named Hector.


Sloane is pretty well-known among a few sectors of Sweepers, as she's very social and easy to like. She's a lone operative, and she can perform reconnaissance missions, bounty hunts, or a "treasure hunt" mission where recovery of certain items is imperative. She's occasionally assigned to travel with teams during missions, and she's been with the Red Blitz a few times. They enjoy having her around, and her lively presence makes anything more enjoyable.



  • When Noxivaga first played MOTAS, she wanted a female Sweeper despite the fact that all the default Sweepers are male. So, Tama was named Arabia and was female for a little while. When she went back to revamp the character, the game gave her the name Tama and she decided to keep it for him.
  • Tama's starting uniform was a dark blue camo jacket and dark green camo pants. With every team Noxivaga beats the game with, she celebrates it by swapping the colors of the uniform. Tama now sports a dark green camo top and dark blue camo pants.
  • On this particular game disk, Tama's team currently hold the best Vs Mode record. Tama almost always holds the post-tournament title of Iron Wall.
  • Tama (in AU) visits Sky World in his spare time and uses the time spent there as sort of a getaway or for meditation.
  • His team's assigned Operator is a super chill surfer dude.

Official Artwork[]