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Sloane is a Fan Sweeper made by Noxivaga. She is a Time Sweeper, working as a lone operative and alongside many others who are also working to achieve the goal of universal peace.

She exists in a Blinx AU (alternate universe) the creator made.


Sloane is a gray-furred feline. Her hair is a darker gray color and of medium length, with the forward right quadrant being shaved off. She has a soft-edged saddle marking, the same color as her hair, spread across her back, her shoulders, and on the top half of her tail.

She has yellow-orange eyes and a diluted pink nose.


Sloane is a very outgoing and radiant character. She loves to have fun while doing what she enjoys. However, she knows that there are necessary sacrifices to get to her goals.

She is often called a "firecracker" by her friends, and she's very lively and full of good energy. This doesn't mean she's hyper or spastic – just energetic. Anyone who works with her knows she can pull extra endurance out of seemingly nowhere.

Some of her drawbacks would be that she doesn't understand how or why some can be super negative or pessimistic – or, at least negative in her perspective. Positivity means progress. However, she needs to learn that, sometimes, the fact of the matter isn't always what you want to hear, but it's as necessary as a good attitude. Outside of work, she can often be impulsive and give in to decisions she really didn't think on. As much as she tries to be decent, sometimes she'll abuse the doll-eyes/pretty face tactic for self-gain. 


Sloane didn't come from much, but her family still had set strict standards for how she was to live out her life. Ultimately they wanted her to be in a better spot than them, but, it backfired a little. She grew up to do anything but conform to what was told of her. Eventually, this led to a pitfall in the relationship between her and the parent that tried to enforce certain things on her, and she took it upon herself to leave home and join the military. She always thought she'd be good at this stuff.

She unknowingly signed up to be a Sweeper – apparently, she didn't quite understand what exactly was on her form. She was told later that there's no direct line stating that she was signing up to be a Sweeper, but according to the answers she put in, they transferred her there. She later figured out it was more a part of an initiative to introduce more females to the Sweeper ranks. 

When the day came after she survived boot camp and they needed to place Sloane into her specialized training, they had to decide. She was good both on and off a team, however, they needed more Sweepers trained for solo work. So, she was placed there.

Sloane currently works in the Corps as kind of a utility agent. She is trained in sweeping, retrieval, scouting, and hunting.

Since she's made the decision to leave home, she's never been better. She found more time and opportunities to be herself, make her own decisions, and make mistakes but learn from them. She did have friends at home but was never able to spend much time with them outside of school due to restrictions set on her. She was a popular kid who was also one of the loneliest. 

During training, she met Jayvn, and since then they've stuck together and kept a close friendship. She wants to spend a lot of time with Jayvn, although she eventually learned that the responsibilities leaders have that solo agents don't take up much more time. She's almost become an honorary member of Jayvn's team, too. Sloane tries to follow Jayvn's team as best she can – if they move to a different sector, Sloane will get a room in the same building. 

She just doesn't want to be alone again.


  • Sloane used to be named Roxy.
  • She was created a few years after Tama.
  • Her favorite weapon is the Firework.
  • She can make useful things out of seemingly useless items.