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Scrag is a Blinx fan character made by Lemons. He is currently a technician at the Time Factory.


Scrag wears a green hat and jacket to show he’s part of the Time Factory’s maintenance team similarly to the “Technician”. Scrag's fur is unkempt compared to most other Sweepers.

Clothing Color
Fur Yellow, white
Eyes Orange
Jacket Green
Pants Orange
Boots Metal
Cap Green
Gloves White


While not as easily excited as other Sweepers can tend to be that doesn't mean he's apathetic. Scrag tries keeping a relaxed demeanor to him although that could just be him passing off his unmindful-ness as something else. Scrag can get lonely when he isn't around other Sweepers for awhile, he gets like this mostly on a busy week where he doesn't have much time to talk to anybody. He wants to be recognized by other Sweepers and doesn't like feeling he is being discredited even if it's sometimes justified. If a Sweeper needs help Scrag is always willing to lend a hand, whether that hand ends up making things worse depends on what that Sweeper's problem was. Scrag enjoys talking to other Sweepers since it makes him feel more apart of the factory, and because he can make jokes like he makes his quesadillas, extremely cheesy.


Scrag grew up as the middle child in a family of five and because of this, he didn't really receive too much attention. He longed to prove himself to his family, but nobody ever really recognized his efforts, making him feel worthless to the people around him. The one person who seemed to care about Scrag was his friend Neil. Whenever he was feeling down, Neil would try to bring him back up again and actually listened to his problems instead of ignoring him, because of this Neil become Scrag's best and most trusted friend.

As he got older, Scrag's feelings of worthlessness started to creep up on him again. He wanted to be part of something important. He wanted to feel needed and valuable. Neil suggested that they both enlist as Sweepers at the Time Factory, as they go on all sorts of adventures, save worlds, and keep the universe running (in his words)!

Shortly after enlisting, they were assigned to sector 1205 where he met Dona, Eucca, and Terrance. But due to low performance once training was over Scrag didn't make it onto a team. Instead he gets assigned to being a technician, he asks if he can be assigned to be around his friend's sector and surprisingly is able to. Scrag often hangs out in the sector when not doing work and is considered the unofficial "fifth member" due to how often he's seen around there.


Scrag's job in the Time Factory being a lower ranking technician which basically means he's a janitor. Scrag's job consists of going around the Time Factory with his TS-1000J to clean up any messes around the factory and make sure displays and machines around the facility are working (even a janitor needs tech know-how in a place like the Time Factory.).

With his sweeper in hand no bug physical or digital will get past his watchful gaze.


Scrag uses the TS-1000J, a TS-1000 that had its time control parts gutted out (said parts were given to higher ranking technicians to repair broken sweepers) and replaced with a much higher trash storage compartment so while it can’t use time powers it can hold lot’s of trash, much more than the average sweeper. The sweeper was also given a new shell to differentiate it from a TS-1000 and to better fit around the new parts.


Scrag carries around a two-way radio for his job. He uses the radio for receiving orders on where to go next since the Time Factory is too big to blindly navigate. Scrag uses it for receiving and verifying the completion of tasks.



1221 stuff, you'll have to wait for that.


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Scrag's childhood friend and current best one. If Scrag's feeling troubled about anything Neil is most likely the first to know. Likewise Scrag is the first to know if Neil has any absurd hijinx planned.


In a trailer for Blinx TTS there's a part where the screen shows the text 'a janitor?' but crosses itself out. Scrag came form the idea of being an actual janitor.

Other parts of his character were based off of Catgirl140's Blinx AU ideas, they might not be used currently but were a big point in his development.


  • The TS-1000J is based off of a Chiritori.
  • The biggest job Scrag has been assigned to was cleaning up after the Tom Tom’s invasion in MOTAS.
  • Scrag's a nickname given to him by his friends, it comes from his ragged fur. He'll usually introduce himself using it instead of his real name more often than not confusing some Sweepers.
  • When Scrag was a Time Sweeper he used a TS-4000 Spiral Lv.2.

Food Related Trivia

  • Scrag's favorite food is cheese, especially quesadillas, but he's been known to load them up with too much cheese resulting in them being hard to hold or the cheese being burnt, because of this other Sweeps are weary of taking them.
  • Grilled cheese comes in a close second, it just depends on what mood he's in.
  • Scrag is also fond of beef and other meats, while not as much as cheese it's definitely noticeable.
  • Lemon candy is his favorite after being introduced to it by Isaac.