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Raj Amir (callsign "Hornet") is a fan Time Sweeper character created by Grizzrobe. He works for the Time Factory and serves as the team's scout and the second-in-command of Team Firefly.

Raj is Elias' most trusted member and his closest friend who remains loyal to him and the team.


Attribute Color
Fur Color Yellow-Orange
Eye Color Yellow
Jacket Black, Yellow
Shirt Yellow
Pants Blue
Boots Black
Gloves Yellow
Metal Yellow, Black

Raj is a yellow-orange cat with most of his white fur covered by his outfit. He has yellow eyes with black irises, his nose is pink, his inner ears are white, and the area surrounding his nose and mouth on his face is white with whiskers around it.

He wears a black beanie and a black jacket with a vertical yellow stripe on the life side of the jacket. His jacket's zipper is partially zipped, with only the top park of his jacket still open. He has a yellow armband on his upper left arm with the team emblem on it. On his upper right arm, he wears an armband holding his blue smartphone on the side of the arm and he wears a sling that goes across his torso from the top of his right shoulder down to the left side of his waist. On his right shoulder, his sling is holding three red shotgun shells. Underneath his jacket, he wears a yellow buttoned shirt with his gray ballistic armor vest over it. He wears a pair of yellow gloves with his black wristwatch over his left glove. Below his jacket is a gray belt, which he appears to have black ammunition pouches on the right side of his waist. On the left side of his waist, he appears to have a gray handheld radio and a brown satchel on the side. His pants are navy blue and wears a black holster around his right thigh. He wears yellow kneepads as well as a pair of black boots with the metal and shoelaces being yellow.


Rai is a fast-moving well-trained Time Sweeper who remains loyal and dedicated to the team and especially his closest friend and leader, Elias "Rivet" Dorne. He is described as a highly active member of the team who is bold, brave, and is willing to accept any challenges and even wanted to challenge others to compete with him. He also likes to joke around with the team, in which members may respond in amusement or with annoyance. Because of his role as the team's second-in-command, he tends to ensure that the rest of Team Firefly are doing what they're told in case Elias is occupied or when Elias put Raj in charge temporarily.

Due to his quick nature, he likes to get certain objectives and jobs done as quickly as possible, in which his results tend to leave mixed responses from his peers. And as his role as second-in-command, he also ensures that he treats his fellow members with some respect and also wanted to ensure each members respect each other as well. Besides Elias, Raj is usually the one to break up arguments whenever they occurred. But when Elias is in argument with another team member of another Time Sweeper agent, Raj usually sides with Elias, despite whether his right or wrong about what he is arguing about.

When not doing a job, Raj is usually exercising by jogging outdoors or using the treadmill in gyms order to stay fit and to maintain his speed. Because of that, he rarely hangs out with his fellow team members to do other activities. On top of that, he hardly eats high-calorie food or drinks beverages with high sugar content. He's also shown to be vegetarian due to him avoiding eating meat while often eating salads or foods with high amounts of vegetables.

Skills and Abilities[]

While Raj is not as good as Elias in terms of combat and using weapons, he excels in speed: being able to avoid enemy attacks and completing objectives faster than any other members in the team, especially Elias. Raj likes to complete his jobs as quickly as possible, usually so he can get back to doing his normal activities. While the other team members may see this as a good way to complete jobs and missions, others may see this as a detriment. While Raj is able to finish jobs and missions as quickly as possible without errors, however he tends to leave several errors and mistakes behind, such as forgetting to collect a specific item, going way too far ahead from accompany Time Sweeper agents, or forgetting to bring certain equipment and gadgets with him. These actions may negatively affect the mission to the point that he tends to get berated by either Elias or the heads of the Time Factory for his rushed performance. In later missions, Raj is able to complete missions at a quick pace with nearly no errors left behind.

Because of his speed, he likes to get closer to the enemy to quickly neutralize them, flank them, or attack them in an unexpected ambush or angle. He always enjoys getting the jump on hostiles whenever possible. While he's not as good as Elias in hand-to-hand combat, he is pretty trained at them, thanks to training and tips from Elias. His fighting style seems to be a mix of Krav Maga combined with mixed martial arts.

Raj is also very good at free-running and vaulting. While he's no match for Elias (due to his implants), he is still able to clear obstacles and getting to goals pretty quickly. He also has a high endurance for fatigue and exhaustion as he is able to run for an hour straight without stopping or slowing down drastically.

Raj is also good at planning as well and often cooperate with Elias to come up with the best strategy possible. While Raj likes to accompany Elias for missions, whenever he's not available, he tends to tag along with either Atticus or Chelsea.


Because Raj likes to get closer to the enemy, he favors close-ranged weapons over long-ranged weapons such as shotguns, pistols, melee weapons, and sub-machine guns. He also uses Lv. 1 Sweepers as well, but he mostly use weapons mentioned above. He also want to ensure that the weapons he's using are lightweight so he doesn't get slowed down by them when equipped.


Raj's backstory is rather unclear at the moment (mainly due to Raj's hesitant to reveal more about his past life), but he used to work as a scientist for an R&D branch of an unknown advanced military tech company, where they mostly develop the companies' high-tech weapons and equipment for military forces across different dimensions. After years of development, they accepted a confidential contract from an unknown military force to start development of high-tech cybernetic implants to help enhance their forces' combat skills and endurance. The company accepted the contract and Raj was assigned to work for the project.

Raj and his group of dedicated scientists and researchers spent months making prototype implants that can enhance the skills and abilities of anyone. They developed their first batch of implants, which includes a implants to be surgically embedded in a person's body as well as an exoskeleton to power it up the implants. However, the main problem is that the effects of the implants have a unsatisfactory effect with insufficient energy to power up the implant and they need a test subject who is willingly to test the implants out. After overhearing about a rival tech company working on an enhancement drug that can improve a person's abilities and endurance, the company sent a hired paramilitary force to attack the company, steal their research and prototype drugs, and eliminate their research group. They came back with a barely-alive researcher (revealed to be Elias Dorne) for them to use as their test subject. Elias undergo surgery with the implants and exoskeleton, which they have been improved due to the effects of the nanobot prototypes the paramilitary group managed to steal from the rival company. Days after the surgery, Elias has granted enhanced combat and movement skills and survived his injuries.

Elias was placed in simulated testing grounds for the company to study the implants' effects, his skills in combat and movements, and any specific niches and traits of the implants. After years of testing, the company feared that Elias could be a "dangerous weapon" and a threat to anyone if he's let loose. This resulted in him being placed in a containment chamber in one of their classified blacksites and the project was put on an indefinite halt. Feeling a sense of remorse for Elias and a strong regret for being a part of the project, Raj resigned from the company and went underground, devising a plan to break him out. During those years, he joined the Time Factory as a new Time Sweeper agent in order to create a group so he has a team who is willing to break him. He recruited members Chelsea Reed, Atticus Blackburn, Millie Nguyen, and Lionel Frost and together he founded Team Firefly. After spending years with the his newly-formed team, they eventually came up with a plan to break out Elias from containment. They infiltrated the blacksite and Raj broke Elias out of containment, leaving the place in absolute chaos in the process. Elias escaped and he was met with Raj and his team. Because the company is on a manhunt to capture and arrest Elias, Raj got him to join the Time Factory, in which he is hired immediately due to his skills in combat. Elias was recruited to Team Firefly and Raj made him the leader of the team, with Raj himself as second-in-command.


Team Firefly

Elias Dorne

Raj and Elias are best friends, with Elias viewing him as a trusted ally that he can depend on (especially when he is the one to form the team and to break him out of containment). Raj was impressed with Elias' skills in combat and speed thanks to the cybernetic implant he has that he wanted to study more about them. Sometimes, Elias denied his request to study them, he eventually agreed to let him to after months of trust-building. And as second-in-command, Elias trusted Raj to look out for the team while he is occupied with any tasks he has to do as well as helping him provide plans for missions that they can do.

While they are close friends, Raj and Elias do get into disagreements that sometime turned into arguments that could may negatively affect their mission. Besides that, Raj do show signs of jealousy over Elias' skills that he wanted to out pace him in combat and movement, but he often times fail to outdone him. However, Raj came to the reality that maybe it's best if he forget about it and sometimes dreamed about getting cybernetic implants himself.

Chelsea Reed

Raj and Chelsea do get along very well together, especially when she is the first member Raj recruited into the team after she got her demotion. Raj respects Chelsea's laid-back and humorous personality to the point that he often gives her a blind eye whenever she's not focusing on her job, much to Elias' annoyance to remind her about it himself. Raj also shows interest in her skills using computer and her hacking skills, especially when she provided him assistance through communications and using her hacking exploits to support him.

Whenever they're not on a mission, Raj likes to invite Chelsea to eat out with him or to go out on exercise routines with him. If not, they like to sit around and watch films together, getting drinks together, or take walks together. Raj also helps Chelsea whenever she needs help on making her improvised drones and RC cars. Combined with everything mentioned above, Raj sees Chelsea as a good and trusted member.

Atticus Blackburn

Due to Atticus' quiet behavior, struggles with communications, and difficulties with starting conversations due to him diagnosed with autism-spectrum disorder, Raj has a hard time understanding Atticus very well, despite him being one of the earliest members he recruited. Raj sometimes viewed Atticus as an eccentric member of the time (a description often described by other members), but he still trusts him due to Atticus' skills with long-ranged weapons to provide him sniping support and stealth. But when they do get into conversations, it's mostly just small talks along with their past experiences working in their previous job, to which Raj disclosed very little off.

While in missions, Raj likes to have Atticus with him for sniping support or to provide reconnaissance or callouts of enemies' positions. Raj views him and Atticus as a perfect combo for any mission, since Raj likes to get up close and personal on hostiles, Atticus likes to hang back and take out enemies from a distance. However, no matter how much trust they made between each other, Raj has some difficulties trying to know more about Atticus.

Millie Nguyen

Much like Elias, Raj and Millie tends to have a love-hate relationship with each other: on one hand they seemed to trust each other a lot during missions and on the other do they get into heated arguments that could ruin their trust. However, unlike Elias, Raj is a lot more lenient towards her unsympathetic attitude and her rude behavior towards anyone else, but he tends to often remind her to show some respect to others, to which Millie brushes off or doesn't really care.

Whenever Raj gets injured during a mission, he often relies on medical help from Millie, in which she is willing to provide, resulting in some trust building. However, much like what she did to other members, she sometimes blame Raj for getting himself hurt, thinking he's trying to kill himself. To which Raj may jokingly respond to them, sometimes to annoy Millie even more. While they do show signs of dislike for one another, Raj still views Millie as a reliable team medic.

Lionel Frost

Raj and Lionel do seemed to be in good terms together, especially when Lionel's favorite activity is to workout, on of Raj's favorite past-time activities, Raj also shows interests in Lionel's past history as a firefighter veteran and also amusement to all the accolades he got from it. He also likes having Lionel with him during missions because of his role as a support gunner who can provide suppression fire on enemies, to which Raj used those kinds of opportunities to take them out up close while they're distracted.

Raj also noticed that Lionel does have mental breakdowns from his schizophrenia and post-traumatic stress disorder that he received during his time as a firefighter. Because Elias claims that he's not good at providing emotional support Raj does provide Lionel some support and say humorous jokes for him to make Lionel feel better. While he does succeed at it, other times he failed and thinks he made his mental breakdowns a lot worse. Because of that, he and Elias often times look out for him.


  • Raj was originally going to be the main leader and founder of the Team Firefly before that role was passed onto Elias instead. Grizzrobe decided to add that in as part of Raj's backstory.
  • Raj's favorite beverage are protein shakes, as he is often seen drinking it or making them.