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Orwell is a Blinx fan character created by Acapella Jester (Frog Guy). He is a Sweeper in the Time Factory as well as a hobby biologist.


Orwell wears a green frog hoodie, red pants, metal boots and sometimes a pair of forest green headphones. Unlike most Sweepers, Orwell doesn't wear gloves.

Clothing Color
Fur colour Orange, black
Eye colour Red
Hoodie Green (frog print)
Pants Red
Boots Metal
Headphones Forest Green


Orwell is pretty shy. While he doesn't mind talking to people he would much rather stay out of their way although this behavior can get him feeling lonely. He'll often cover his face with his frog hoodie out of his shyness. He wants to overcome his shyness which is happening slowly but surely. Due to his shy nature when he does make a friend he will usually start acting "clingy" towards them so he doesn't feel lonely. When around friends he's more open.


Orwell decided he wanted to be a biologist ever since he was a kit playing in the dirt. Orwell joined the Time Factory in hopes of learning about other worlds so he could one day become a full-fledged biologist within the factory. His current research is mostly on world biology.


Orwell's job as a Time Sweeper is nothing out of the ordinary in the Time Factory. However, when out on the field Orwell carries around a notebook he uses to sketch and take notes on the surrounding animals/vegetation. Because of this Orwell prefers visiting earthier worlds with more wildlife. Orwell is primarily assigned to lower risk missions due to his shy nature and he likes going on missions with as few people as possible. When out in the field Orwell might take some artifacts back to the factory with him for studying later. He has a fascination with antiques even if it isn't as scientific as his biology research.


The TS-13000 Lv.3+ Marsh is a sweeper that while being able to sweep up larger trash and water does so slowly in comparison to other sweepers, it's a heavy duty water sweeper at the cost of range and speed.

The body of the sweeper looks like a lily pad and the neck has a wood print on it similar to a tree trunk.


Isaac: Will be revealed later

Scrag: Will be revealed later


  • Orwell's favorite animal is the frog.
  • Orwell likes to imitate frogs when out in the field but quickly stops out of embarrassment if anyone sees him doing so.
  • Due to his candy consumption, Orwell's tongue is usually either blue, orange, or green.
  • He has a messy room.
  • Likes listening to music.
  • Is always willing to try new foods.
  • Has a fondness for cheese.