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Momo is a self-insert Fan Sweeper created by NipChip. Thus, her character is strongly influenced by the creator's personality, hobbies and interests.


Clothing Colour
Fur colour Tan, brown
Eye colour ?
Jacket Black
Pants Black
Boots Black
Goggle Lens None
Gloves None
Metal None
Accessories None

Momo wears a cropped black Time Sweeper jacket with white drawstrings.

She is a head shorter than the average Time Sweeper.


Momo is just your typical gamer girl artist nerd. She works as a programmer for the Time Factory's message board/network system. Her hobbies include digital art (which she posts on the message board) playing video games and spending way too much time online.

Skills and Abilities[]

Momo has no real fighting capabilities but has a ridiculous amount of HP (somehow way more than 100) due to all the miracle smoothies she drinks to get through crunch times.


While she does not carry military weapons, you may find her carrying a laptop or drawing tablet.



She's a member of a team of programmers and software engineers that work on the Time Factory's network systems.



Keiko is fascinated by Momo as a whole, though she cannot explain why.

Concept and Creation[]

  • Her design is based on the creator's persona.
  • During the early design phase, Momo's fur was going to be black and white, but this changed to tan to be less neutral and monochromatic.
  • The jacket is based on a real clothing item the creator owns.


  • While Momo has a huge appetite, the creator doesn't in real life.

Official Artwork[]