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Mo is a fan character created by Nick. He is a relatively new Sweeper that has yet to be assigned to a team, but can often be seen with his friend Vel.


Clothing Color
Fur Davy Gray, White
Eyes Blue
Jacket Red
Pants Zebra-Striped
Boots White
Gloves White
Goggle Lens Blue
Metal Dark Gray
Accessories Blue Cube tail ring

Mo's appearance isn't unlike most other Sweepers. He wears the Red uniform set from TTS, a red jacket sporting a unique eye design, zebra-striped pants, blue lens goggles, and white gloves and boots, and has a cube tail ring with a blue glow. He also has a single fang pointing out of the left side of his mouth and a small nick in his ear from a minor "work incident."


Mo is a timid character, normally keeping to himself more often than not, but does have a friend from his pre-Sweeper days, Vel, who he can sometimes be seen wandering the factory with when not on missions. Often not being very vocal, he's become a very observant person, and often notices small details that fly under the radar of others.

Though he does have other interests, his main hobby is the studying of Time Crystals and possible uses for them outside of Sweeper missions. He spends quite a bit of free time researching them and has a large database of his personal findings on the topic.


His main weapon is a TS-1600 Lv. 3 that he's decorated with some stickers, equipped with a combo cartridge. He's had to buy multiple sweepers though, due to his research getting... out of hand.


Mo enrolled for training around the age of 16 with his friend Vel. His training years were fairly uneventful, outside of taking place around the same time as the B1Q64 incident, and he passed slightly above average. Having yet to join or form a team, he spends his time not on missions studying Time Crystals or wandering the Factory with Vel, sometimes in search of team members, other times just in search of anything of interest.



Mo's closest friend, having known him before even being a Sweeper. Whenever he needs help or just a friendly talk, Vel's his first choice.


Quite a fan of her cooking, and the mornings he's run into her getting coffee he's come to enjoy her company. Considers her a friend.


Only really knows him in passing. No feelings one way or another.

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