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Mabel is a Time Sweeper fan character created by CrispyCroissant. She is a bubbly Time Sweeper aged 22. She loves to hang out with her friends when she can. In her spare time, she likes to be at home, drinking some hot chocolate and drawing small things in a sketchbook she keeps under her bed.

Her fave desserts are cakes with strawberries, cookies and ice cream (dairy free of course) and most kinds of candy!

She is 4'11", and chubby.

Mabel currently isn't on a team and just does odd jobs here and there.

Her favorite thing is probably recording time and or pausing it.


Her fur is white and lavender, ears and nose being a dark purple. Feet, paws, and the tip of her tail are white as well. Her facial markings are that of a diamond and her eyes are a dark, almost forest, green.

Her uniform is a pastel orange with yellow on her sleeves, Her goggles are yellow with green tinted lenses and she wears very short pink pumps with a bow. She also wears white or black knee highs. She also wears the regular time sweeper boots with a rose tint. (not shown) Her time sweeper is based on the TS-4000 Star Lv.2 but having an actual star shape.