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Lenny is a Blinx series fancharacter made by Noxivaga. He is a time sweeper, working alongside many others who are also working to achieve the goal of universal peace. Lenny is a member on team Red Blitz.

He exists in a Blinx AU (alternate universe) the creator made.


Attribute Color
Fur Tans + Browns
Eyes Pink
Jacket Varies
Pants Varies
Boots Varies
Goggle Lens Clear
Gloves Black
Metal Black

Lenny's fur pattern reflects the genes he inherited from his parents-- his dad was a serval cat, mom was a domestic shorthair. The kid's decently tall, standing only a few inches higher than the rest of his peers.

Outside of his sweeper uniforms, you'd likely see him in some kind of sweatshirt.

He gets a lot of comments about his eyes, as in most types of lighting, they exhibit deep, gem-like qualities.


Lenny definitely is a quieter kid, and that's in nearly everything he does. He is more likely to be taking the situation in and absorbing information than contributing to the conversation. However, he still can offer some pretty insightful and purposeful input when he sees the need. 

This guy is quite the brainiac, having hobbies like reading both fiction and nonfiction books and publications, stuff on space theory, and playing strategy games. However, he is one of those who's pretty humble about his intelligence. When meeting him, Lenny can come off as quite harmless, and very light and kind. But, give him a sniper and you'll quickly be convinced otherwise. 

When it comes to his role on the team, the guy really emphasizes his actions towards the teamwork aspect of his (and the team's) job. The better the team meshes, the better the results. He'll try to compromise as a first resort, however, he'll challenge anything that he sees is unnecessary-- his mouth will sometimes act before he realizes it might have been a bad idea. Lenny goes about objectives and tasks almost like a machine-- finds a way to get it done, quickly strategizes, does the task and completes it expertly without asking too many questions. Given he is a quieter person, but when paired with Lloyd/Gray/Tama in the right situations, the inner social piece of him begins to see daylight. That,  and some team shenanigans are too good to sit out.

While Lenny can come off as a very genuine and deep individual, interpersonally-sensitive people (i.e. Lloyd) will eventually pick up on that he is hiding stuff the longer they are around him. Everyone hides things, but some have loads that are heavier than others. He's got crafty ways of dodging certain questions and subjects, or only answering them partially and also satisfying the person asking. He also disguises his history by telling more about the present moments, making people forget about wondering why. While Lenny always means well, his absent-minded tendencies to challenge things can get him into situations he'd actually rather not be in, or he may slide an insult out without realizing. The team's also found out that certain questions or situations will illicit a very hot and aggressive response. It'll leave the rest of the team in a mild state of shock and confusion, as Lenny's regular, calm demeanor just was thrown out the window for a sec. Good luck getting him to say anything about it after one of these episodes, though. Another reason for his moderate outbursts is that he deals with things by internalizing them. Most things will fizzle and die, some will bottle up. Some issues can come to light after months, even years, later.

Skills and Abilities[]

Lenny's specialty skills are marksmanship and recon.


Uses pretty standard sweepers, and prefers the TS-16000. Don't be surprised if you catch him with either a Winterfield, Crossbow, or G300 ray gun.


This is the thing that Lenny keeps closed about himself. Lenny's family is riddled with issues upon issues, that not even excessive amounts of wealth can ward off.

Looking back at the beginning of his life, Lenny couldn't decide whether it was actually a good childhood, or that he was just fortunate he didn't know what was going on all that time. As he got older, he noticed his parents' anxious behavior that gave way to unmasked worry and stress.

When Lenny was in his pre-teens, his uncle was killed by a gunman. Lenny's dad took a downward turn, turning to alcoholic beverages as a solution to his internal issues and Lenny and his mom were left to deal with the repercussions. That was when Lenny started thinking and piecing things together, however.

His grandfather died of a sudden illness. His great aunt was hit by a vehicle. His older brother got terribly sick and died within a week. His other uncle was killed in a transportation accident. His father has been to the hospital a few times from food poisoning. And lastly, the uncle that was shot and killed. These people all held important positions in large companies, except his older brother. Lenny began to believe that was supposed to be dad. Dad didn't really ever recover from losing a son.

This led to the decision to just get the hell out, talking things over with his mother and getting her full support. She wanted him safe, and away was safe. 

When first joining the Corps, word somehow got out that he's from a prestigious family, but rumor started that he bought his way in. While his family paid not a single dime more than the other guy to get in, he did come from a wealthy family. He got harassed a lot for it, other trainees saying he wasn't any good or that he'll buy his way up. It was thanks to these people he decided to specialize in becoming a sniper… all the more fun for him when facing them in versus.You can't buy dead-on shots. 

His mom's condition was declining, and while in the corps, he found out his dad died. It took no time at all for Lenny's mom to hit rock bottom after that, and Lenny was doing all he could from where he was to help her until he got his break. During the grieving period, Lenny was more vulnerable, and the team had to start walking on eggshells when around him. He still never told them what happened. A few alterations broke out because they were frustrated, and wanted to understand what was going on with him. Lloyd eventually pressed hard enough to get Lenny to break and give in. Lenny just told them about his dad, and when all was said, he ended with making a comment about how that was just the tip of the iceberg. 


NPCs []


Thinks Blinx is pretty cool, and never really has had a negative interaction with him, even though Lenny has hardly ever been near him. However, Lenny normally would just rather listen and let the louder members of his team interact with the other teams.


The two often chat about potential ways to use time controls, or some other intellectual subject. Randomly send each other factory memes.


NecoJi, just, is super awesome and nice. Lenny often looks forward to days when he'll be around NecoJi. They often chat about uplifting and enjoyable topics.


Hasn't really met the guy, although he hears good things and funny stories about Pelon.


Very neutral relationship. They communicate on a very basic level, and often just acknowledge each other as a respected member of the corps.

Teammates []


Lenny did not trust the guy for months. This caused tension and some moderate run-ins, however Lenny's willingness to compromise made things work out in the end. He knows that Tama is absolutely not a born-and-bred leading type, however, he learned that the guy is just trying his best because he learned to put his team first.


Lloyd is so uplifting and so positive towards Lenny, and Lenny often finds himself always gravitating near him, always being close by. Lenny knows that Lloyd is aware of the facade he uses to hide behind, but is comfortable with that because he knows Lloyd won't push about it, unless Lloyd can see something's hurting Lenny.


Somehow manages to make Lenny laugh and piss him off at the same time. Lenny hasn't quite decided if he loves or hates the guy, as a teammate. Gray, however, isn't exclusive and is thrilled in the rare event Lenny "comes out of the shell" and joins them on their prank tirades.


Mutual grouches. They have the same qualms and complaints about the other 4 members of the team, but mean it in the dearest of ways. If Lenny needs another mind on a matter, he'll go to Grover.


The one guy Lenny trusts with any information he's given out about himself, and Woody isn't the type to be spilling beans. Woody's simple yet passionate outlook on life is very comforting and grounds Lenny when he needs it.

Others []

Tempus Fleet





  • His backstory has probably stayed the most consistent for the longest time, of the 6 members.
  • Is one of 2 bisexual boys on the team.
  • Noxivaga actually does give the MOTAS NPC a Winterfield and watches him destroy people with it.
  • The guy has pretty graceful and gentle movement behavior patterns.