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Leland Coulson (callsign "Fluffy") is a fan Time Sweeper character created by Elias (or Grizzrobe). He works for the Time Factory and serves as the main leader of Team Viceroys.

Leland is a dedicated, highly experienced Time Sweeper who always checks on his teammates and make sure that the team's assigned missions are done regardless, no matter the cost.


Attribute Color
Fur Color Black, White
Eye Color Yellow
Jacket White, Black
Shirt Black
Pants Black
Boots White
Goggle Lens Black
Gloves White
Metal Black, White

Leland is a black cat with white fur color all over his body, mainly on his inner ears, torso, arms, and legs, which the last three were all covered by his clothing. His eyes are bright yellow with black irises, his nose is pink, and has whiskers on both cheeks

He wears a black cap with his goggles on top of them. His goggles lens are black, but the outer frame of it is white. His jacket is white with both of the sleeves and the bottom part of the jacket colored black, typically open and unzipped. He has a white band on his upper left sleeve with the team's emblem on it. Underneath his jacket is a black-buttoned shirt with a dark gray body armor with gray duct tape shaped in an X in the middle. He wears a pair of white gloves with a black smartwatch over his right glove. He sometimes wear a black and white strap so he can either carry his back duffel bag or carry his Sweeper or other weapons on his back easily. He wears black, long cargo pants with a white and blue milk carton hanging by his right hip, which reads "MILK" in red. He wears a gray holster on both of his upper thighs, white kneepads with gray duct tape shaped in X's over his knees. His boots are white, with both of the metal and the shoelaces colored black.

The tip of his black tail is colored white, and he has bandage wrappings near the tip of his tail, used to cover the wound he received in a previous mission. 


Leland is a very experienced and dedicated member of the Time Factory. He shows many signs of confidence, bravery, and enthusiasm while being very subtle and quiet about them.

He always make sure that his teammates are doing their job while providing some motivation to get them to finish any assigned missions quickly, but at their own pace. He also shows a lot of respect to his members while wanting them to show respect to each other, although this doesn't necessarily happened all the time. While he is respectful to his teammates, he does get annoyed by his teammates bad habits, however. Typically responds by telling them to break their bad habits. Such examples included him being annoyed when his second-in-command, Samantha "Tigress" Vickers, refuses to go outside and meet new people and would rather spends her entire day on the computer. While he does give her a blind eye sometimes, he either responds by kicking her out of her room or send her out in the field with another member.

Despite that, Leland always make sure his teammates and safe and would do anything to keep them out of trouble if it occurs. Whenever something bad happens to them, such as being captured or critically injured, he typically blames himself for letting it happened and vows to do whatever it takes to not let that happen again.

Whenever he's out of the mission, he would usually enter world R8VP4, or Retrowave World and the world that Team Viceroys mostly monitors, to visit certain bars, restaurants, clubs, or take a walk around the cities and landscape. Or if he doesn't feel like visiting there, he would visit Samantha to watch anime or eat some food together. If he's not doing any of those, he would visit the gym in the Time Factory and workout for a bit, such as running on the treadmill and lifting barbells. He also makes certain appearances in Chris "Vixen" Kelso's, another member of his, radio conspiracy theory talk show called Time Factory Mysterious Hours as a special guest. These examples show that Leland cares a lot about his team members a lot that he would make visits to them or participate activities with them to a certain extent.

Skills and Abilities[]

Leland shows that he is able to handle any situations with ease. When out in missions, he's usually assisted by Samantha through communications and one of his other members in his team. He specialized in using any type of weaponry, unarmed combat, and creating strategies.

He's able to use any weapons due to spending a lot of time in weapon training, being able use weapons such as the Sweeper to heavier weapons like rocket launchers, but not as well as his demolition, Jeff "Midas" Noone. He is also being able to use and conserve ammunition quite well and landing weak spots to incapacitating them without fully neutralizing them. But when he has none of those in situations, he resorted to engage in hand-to-hand combat that he learned from training before and after joining the Time Factory, being able to takedown hostiles non-lethally with almost no struggle, but only in certain situations, such as being surrounded by unarmed enemies. His unarmed fighting style appears to be a mixture of Krav Maga and Aikido.

Leland is also a strategist, being able to come up with the most effective one before starting a mission and come up with a new plan or strategy quickly when their original plan doesn't work out well. He's also able to identify hostiles as former special forces personnel by their fighting tactics, strategies, and other methods.

Whenever he's wounded in combat, he doesn't give up or requesting medical assistance. He just keeps going until the job is done or he reached the point where he's in critical condition. Hence, why he usually denies his team medic's, Grigori "Roach" Vasilyev, help whenever he's hurt.


He's mostly equipped with his TS-5000X Lv.2 as his main Sweeper, but sometimes carries a small, concealed firearm on his side when he's about to be in missions that might be a bit dangerous.

When out in the field, he usually utilized hostiles' weapons and use it against them temporarily before he ditches them. But half the time, when he gets his weapons disarmed by enemies or he doesn't have any (sometimes from being lost or broken down), he engages them in hand-to-hand combat instead. He usually carries a weapon strap on his back so he can carry larger weapons easier.


Leland's full backstory remains a mystery at the moment because he and Samantha removed their profiles and records of them in servers that stored them and replace them with fake ones (under the name "Rudiger Morgan Collier" to cover their tracks and leave false trails whenever they're pinged. Whenever he feels like to, Leland may talk about a bit about his backstory. As of right now, it was revealed that Leland and Samantha formed Team Viceroys together after they erased their records. Also, Leland once had a fiancée before joining the Team Factory, but whether she's alive or not is currently unknown. Because of his fighting style in hand-to-hand combat, this may suggest that Leland worked for another armed organization prior.


Team Viceroys

Samantha Vickers

Leland considers Samantha as his closest friend in his team, mainly because they formed Team Viceroys together, they talk to each other often, and he visits her more than any other members he visited. Because Samantha's position as second-in-command in the team, Leland trusted her a lot whenever she's behind the computer screen or she's with him out in the field.

Despite their close relationship, Leland does have a couple issues with her, mostly Samantha refusing to go outside to meet new people or complete missions and the fact when she spends most of her entire day on the computer rather than do anything else. Sometimes, Leland responds by turning a blind eye on her or he will kick her out of the computer and sends her outside. Typically when called out for that, she always say that she's more useful with computers than being out in the field, due to her lack of combat experiences. But besides that, Leland and Samantha are very close friends and partners.

Chris Kelso

Leland and Chris tends to have a love-hate relationship with each other. Leland finds Chris to be a good scout operative out in the field, being able to outrun his opponents while being able to snatch and grab whatever they needed that the enemies have. However, Leland dislikes Chris' cocky and arrogant behavior, claiming that his behavior could catch him off guard and could put him in harder situations. He also dislikes Chris' addiction for catnip due to him consuming a pack almost everyday and the fact that Leland dislikes having catnip. In response, Leland commands Chris to break that bad habit and go into rehab, despite him refusing to. Despite Leland not having an issue with Chris' backstory as a corrupt Guard Sweeper, Chris does had problems with him because he has blackmail about of his time being a corrupted Guard Sweeper and the fact when he disposed another Time Sweeper for knowing too much about him, which caused him to join the team forcibly and the fact that he neutralized his group of corrupt Guard Sweepers, some he viewed as his friends.

Leland also makes a couple appearances as a guest in Chris' Time Factory Mysterious Hours, where he and him discuss various conspiracy theories that both of them have to share as well as comment on theories from calls from Time Sweeper listeners, who wanted to share theirs on the air.

Jeff Noone

Jeff is Leland's trusted explosive expert who knows about how to craft explosives and how to use them very effectively than Leland. Leland has a more tolerable relationship with Jeff due to his bold and caring behavior, something that he wanted in a team member. He also trusted him as a very creative member due to his expertise in bomb-making that he supplied to his team and the other Time Sweepers.

Leland usually goes out to dinner with Jeff more than the other members in his team, but due to his tendency to eat a lot and his overweight build, Leland wants him to eat a bit less so he can move around out in missions better while not getting tired sooner. Although he typically serves as explosives backup in missions. But Leland treated Jeff as his backup out in the field whenever he needs explosive backups when the situation goes bad, which he always oblige to because of his enjoyment of blowing stuff up with rockets and grenades, although Leland sometimes want him to "cool it" on that because he thought he will get himself hurt if not careful.

Grigori Vasilyev

Leland holds a lot of respect towards Grigori for many reasons: he's a very helpful medic whenever he or his teammates are hurt when out in missions, he's pretty intelligent about medicine (due to him having an MD and worked at a medicine research facility prior to joining the Time Factory), and his behavior is something Leland can deal with. Grigori, however, does get annoyed when Leland denies his medical assistant whenever he's injured in missions and only accepts it when his in critical condition. But Leland also stated that Grigori carries a lot of Retry crystals and other medicine out in missions, in which Grigori always said that he was just getting prepared for the worst.

They also played chess (Grigori's favorite game) sometimes, but most of the time Grigori easily defeated Leland easily, in which Leland responded by jokingly flips the table over in anger or smacks the chessboard over Grigori's head, but they always treated like a joke. Sometimes, whenever he gets in a conversation with Grigori, Leland does have a hard time getting out of it because of Grigori's humble and overly-friendly behavior, and conversations could last up to ten minutes.

Angus Conners

Leland and Angus have an okay relationship together. He trusted him to carry out useful reconnaissance on enemies and inform his teammates about it. But Leland does want Angus to cut off his habit of drinking too much energy drinks or other highly-caffeinated drinks due to his twitchy and spastic movement and the fact that he talks a bit too quick from being too hyper-active at times. Because of Angus' past time working for the Singularity Company, a shadow black operation organization, he taught his team about different tactics that the organization utilized, allowing the team to have a well thought-out approach in completing missions.

Leland trusted him as a good strategist and a good recon, and sharpshooter in the team while Angus viewed him as a good leader who showed loyalty to him and helping him change to what he is now today.


  • Leland's last name was originally going to be "Collier". It was later used as his fake name, Rudiger Collier, when he replaced his profiles and records with fake ones from servers that stored them.
  • It is unknown if he ever met Blinx before, but he has made references to him. Such as when he said " I knew an orange cat who saved a princess as well as making moves and a name for himself in whatever world he was deployed in." referencing the plot of Blinx: The Time Sweeper.
  • Leland, along with Jeff and sometimes Chris, are the only members who refer to their team members by their callsigns.