Blinx Fan Characters Wiki

Joey is a fan character created by Adamyadd. Joey works as a Time Sweeper in the Time Factory.

He is often picked out for exploration missions due to his curious nature and enthusiasm for the task.


Joey has two forms, a crystal form and a Sweeper form. Regardless of which form he is in, you will never see him without his signature party hat.

Joey's party hat has a polka-dot design: yellow dots on light blue. The base is decorated by a yellow rim, and topping it is a small pom-pom of the same colour.

In his crystal form, Joey looks like an ordinary record crystal - All that visually differentiates Joey from a normal record crystal is his hat.

Joey's Sweeper form looks much like a recording of an ordinary Sweeper. He, his clothing and equipment are entirely green, where different shades indicate brightness or colour were he not a recording. The only thing not green is his party hat, which is an ordinary physical object and so appears as its usual colours. This small detail helps differentiate Joey from other recordings including his own.


Joey can be a little hesitant with new people, and not be sure what to talk about. If you show interest in his missions however, he'll never run out of things to talk about. He may even show you a little memento from his latest mission and get a little carried away talking about the adventure he went on.

For Joey, the job is all about the worlds, and the sights to see therein. Each world has a new view or fascinating place, and Joey wants to see and experience them all. When travelling to different worlds, Joey will sometimes keep a memento from his mission. If the item represents an especially pleasant memory, story or adventure, he'll keep it in his room. However, after being scolded for hoarding too many things, he has to get rid of some of these mementos. Instead of throwing away things that aren't quite as special, he gives these lesser mementos to his closest friends, sharing the story along with it. It's debatable whether any of his friends actually care for these items or the stories attached, but nobody seems to mind.