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Jes is a fan character created by Nick. She's an amateur sweeper not assigned to a team and spends most her time in the food court.


Clothing Color
Fur Black
Eyes Blue
Jacket Yellow, black Stripes
Pants Black
Boots Black
Gloves Black
Goggle Lens Red



Accessories Flame-Themed tail ring

Jes is taller than average and of lean build. Striving for an intimidating look, Jes is dressed in a near-completely yellow and black uniform, save a fiery tail ring and red goggle lenses.


Jes is a bit of a rascal, and likes to lace everything she does with a hint of mischief. This tends to get her in trouble with her higher-ups, but always gets a laugh out of any bystanders, and sometimes even the victim of said mischief.

Jes doesn't really have a specific hobby, and instead is more a jack of all trades. She can be found doing things ranging from makeshift contraptions to helping out around the factory in her free time.


Jes's main tool is her TS-4000 Spiral Lv. 2, though she is able to improvise on the field from her experience and tinkering.