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Jeff Noone (callsign "Midas") is a fan character created by Elias (or Grizzrobe). He works for the Time Factory and serves as a member of Team Viceroys.

Jeff is an explosive and heavy weapons expert and a dedicated member of the team. He is somewhat known in the Time Factory for his craftsmanship in improvised explosives and its functionality.


Attribute Color
Fur Color Yellow, White
Eye Color Yellow Green
Jacket White, Black
Shirt Black
Pants Black


Gloves White
Metal Black, White

Jeff is a yellow tabby cat with white fur all over his body and some on his face. His eyes are yellow green with black irises, his nose is pink, and has whiskers on both cheeks.

Jeff wears a black and gray beanie with black and white headset over it. He wears a white trench coat with his sleeves and the bottom part of his jacket colored black, his jacket is typically closed at the top and open at the bottom. He has a white band on his upper left sleeve with the Team Viceroys emblem embedded on it. His body armor is colored gray with the Team Viceroys emblem in the middle and a gray handheld radio on the upper left part of his body armor. His body armor has brown ammo pouches on both sides and a row a black ammo pouches at the bottom. He wears a black buttoned shirt underneath his jacket and body armor and he wears a pair of white gloves. He wears a black smartwatch over his right glove. He wears a pair of black cargo pants and gray holsters on both of his thighs. He wears a pair of white kneepads with gray duct tape shaped in X's in the middle. He wears a pair of white boots with laces and the metal part colored black,


Jeff is a very dedicated member of the Team Viceroys with a lot of experiences with as a Time Sweeper.

He is a bold, caring, and a relaxed member of the team who shows a lot of respect to his teammates and the other Time Sweepers, tries to look after his teammates making sure they're not in trouble, and was viewed as reliable to others, including his team leader, Leland "Fluffy" Coulson and second-in-command Samantha "Tigress" Vickers. He goes out in missions very often either with his teammates or other Time Sweepers who are need in assistance. He also shown to be a very helpful and willing to make sacrifices to offer assistance whenever an associate is in need of help.

Because he was recruited into the Time Factory due to his crafted explosives' functionality, he is shown to be resourceful and an expert in improvised crafting.

He is also known in his team to be overweight who overeat often. Because of that, his team members suggested that Jeff should work out more often, which he started to with his friend, Chris, who he works out often with in the gym.

Skills and Abilities[]

Jeff mostly utilized explosive weapons, such as remote explosives, grenades, rocket launchers, and grenade launchers during missions as well as heavyweight weapons like light machine guns. Because of that, he doesn't use Sweepers and shows lack of experiences with them, as he's unable to use them quite properly

During his free time, Jeff makes explosives using either resources that he collected during missions or bought online and provide his team and the Time Factory for them to use. The explosives functionality are something that the Time Factory never thought of using before. One of his crafted explosives is a proximity mine that, when triggered, the cluster bombs that pops out of them heat-seek whoever triggered it as well as anyone nearby it and explodes once it hits its target directly. To ensure to prevent accidental friendly fire, he created tags that goes with them for his teammates to wear so the mine won't detonate if they went near them. Another one is mini drone that, when activated and thrown, it targets a nearby enemy by flying to them and explode when it goes near them. Like the one above, it comes with tags to prevent accidental friendly fire. Because of their functionality, the Time Factory began manufacturing them for their members to use in combat when needed, thanks to Jeff. Although they only provided a very limited amount of them due to lack of resources.


As mentioned earlier, Jeff mostly used remote explosives, rocket launchers, grenade launchers, and light machine guns in missions very often more than Sweepers. He also used explosives that he crafted to aid him in combat. He owns a grenade launcher and a BAZ-006 that he acquired from Chris when Jeff and his team seized his contraband supply when Chris was a corrupt Guard Sweeper.


Before he was recruited into the Time Factory, Jeff was originally part of an anti-government militia, The Broken Claws, where he was mainly the organization's bomb-maker and served with them for almost a year. He joined the group due to opposing view against his own government, believing they need to learn what's it like to be attacked and show how vulnerable they are.

When the group were making a planned attack on the government, Jeff's home was raided by the authorities, where he was arrested by them and his explosives being seized by them. Originally, he was given a life sentence for illegally making explosive weapons until an agent representing the Time Factory visited him when in custody. The agent and the authorities tested these explosives out and were amazed by its functionality, mainly the proximity mine and the explosive handheld drone. The Time Factory agent spoke to Jeff about the explosives, stating that the Time Factory really needed devices like that and he told him that he will offer him a permanent position within the Time Sweepers as well as being acquitted of all charges if he told the authorities where his anti-government group leaders are living at. Jeff told them their locations and they successfully arrested the militia's leaders, bringing the group down, as well as stopping the attacks from happening. He accepted his position as a Time Sweeper agent and he was eventually recruited into Team Viceroys by Leland "Fluffy" Coulson. Although most members and the leaders of The Broken Claws are arrested, a small handful of them are not and vowed to take revenge on Jeff and whoever he's associated with.


Team Viceroys

Leland Coulson

Jeff is viewed by Leland as very trustworthy and an explosive expert who can use explosives very effectively than Leland when he handled them. He likes Jeff's tolerable personality due to his brave and caring behavior because he wanted his team to be like that. Leland also finds Jeff to be very creative because of his craftsmanship in explosive making as well as his devices functionality.

Leland goes out to dinner with Jeff more than the others in his team, but Leland suggested Jeff that he should eat less and work out more often so he can move around in missions easily and not get tired quickly due to his eating habit and his overweight build. During missions, Jeff sometimes act as Leland's backup in missions where he protected him with explosives whenever a situation goes bad, which he enjoys a lot because of his enjoyment in blowing stuff up, although Leland suggested he should "cool it" on that so he won't hurt anybody or himself with it.

Samantha Vickers

Jeff and Samantha don't interact with each other a lot, but Samantha finds Jeff to be a good enough member in the team as well as having a tolerable personality. While Samantha finds Jeff's bomb-making expertise to be creative, Jeff finds Samantha hacking skills to be very helpful and extremely interesting. He even defended Samantha's choice to stay out of missions and communicate with her team instead whenever Leland commands her to go out.

Samantha, however, suggested Jeff to lose some weight and exercise often so he won't get exhausted quickly from moving around.

Chris Kelso

Jeff and Chris get along very well together. He doesn't seemed to mind Chris' arrogant and self-centered personality at all, believing he's just joking at times. He even finds Chris' backstory as a corrupt Guard Sweeper to be interesting to him, but Chris didn't give him the details about it. Jeff likes to listen Chris' radio conspiracy talk show and he would listen to his broadcast "in the background when crafting explosives". They hang out together often, either to play video games, having some lunch together, or to work out together. Chris helped Jeff to exercise and lose weight so he can move around better and decrease risk of acquiring obesity-related health issues.

Jeff's personality helped Chris' personality change from being arrogant to being more modest. He also liked to have some catnip with Chris whenever he needs something to keep him relaxed.

Grigori Vasilyev

Jeff and Grigori seemed to somewhat get along with each other a lot. Jeff finds Grigori's backstory prior to joining the Time Factory to be very interesting and Grigori finds Jeff's bomb-making skills to be quite good and creative, although he doesn't use them or wanted to use them because he does feared that the explosives may not work quite well and doesn't want to get himself injured from using them.

Grigori likes Jeff's caring personality, especially when he does try to look after his teammates and be sure they're not in serious danger at all. And Jeff was interested in Grigori's resourceful and humble behavior. Unlike with other people Grigori talked to, Jeff seems to be well invested in Grigori's conversation and doesn't mind spending too much time talking with him. Like the other teammates, Grigori suggested Jeff to lose weight and work out more so he won't acquire any obesity-related health issues, especially from a medic like Grigori.

Angus Conners

Jeff and Angus don't interact with each other that much, but when they do, they don't seemed to like each other all that much. Jeff finds Angus to be very peculiar and otherwise irritating due to his twitchy movement and spastic reaction while Angus makes fun of Jeff's weight.

However, Jeff always be sure to help Angus whenever he's in trouble during missions while Angus does the same to Jeff. While they dislike each other, Angus finds Jeff to be a lifesaver to him whenever he's in danger. And if Angus feels like to, he sometimes share an energy drink with Jeff.


  • Jeff's callsign "Midas" refers to King Midas in Greek mythology, who has the power to turn anything he touched into gold. As such, members of Team Viceroys usually referred Jeff as "The Cat with the Golden Touch" due to his expertise in making explosives by hand.
  • Jeff, along with Leland and sometimes Chris, are the only members who refer to their team members by their callsigns.