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Bodily Feature Color
Eyes Jade Green
Hair (Human) Black
Skin (Human) Pale
Fur (Cat) Black and White
Clothing (Sweeper)
Goggle Lenses Jade Green
Jacket Purple
Gloves White and Black
Pants Camouflage Black
Boots White
Metal Standard Metal

Human (Undisguised)

Isaac is a young human male with a slender body type and stands at about 1.83 meters tall. He has jade green eyes, messy mid-length black hair, and pale skin.

Cat (Disguised)

With his disguise activated, Isaac takes on the appearance of a typical Sweeper cat while retaining his eye color and general body type. His fur pattern is a perfect vertical split of black and white fur, with black covering the right side of his body and white covering the left. Isaac's right ear is usually pointing downwards, while the left points up.



Isaac's homeworld has a very cold and harsh climate, and the inhabitants must wear proper attire to be able to live comfortably. When he lived on the moon of Anima, he wore an insulated white and purple hooded jacket, green snow goggles, a middle-gray backpack with a small oxygen tank and rebreather mask, black and white snowsports gloves, thick black snow pants, and white snowboarding boots.


Isaac's Sweeper uniform bears a striking resemblance to his homeworld outfit. He wears a purple jacket similar in style to Blinx's in Blinx 2, a purple hood that attaches to the shoulders of the jacket, standard-issue Sweeper goggles with jade lenses, white gloves with black rubber padding in the palms, black camo cargo pants, and standard-issue white boots.

While it's not seen when he has his disguise activated, Isaac wears a black and white cat mask resembling himself as a Sweeper. This mask is what materializes the disguise and allows him to appear as a cat!


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