Ian is a fan character created by catgirl140, based off the Blinx 2: The Time Sweeper NPC of the same name. He currently works as a Time Sweeper in the Time Factory and is a member of Team Timewalker, informally holding the position of second-in-command.


Clothing Colour
Fur colour Black, white
Eye colour Yellow
Jacket Black, green
Pants Black
Boots White
Goggle Lens Green
Gloves White
Metal Black

Ian bears a strong resemblance to a tuxedo/bicolour cat, having white and black fur. His eyes are yellow and have a moderate round shape. The tip of his tail is white.

As a member of Team Timewalker, he wears the team's uniform (Keiko's personal uniform).


Ian is kind and compassionate, to say the least. He is friendly to pretty much everyone he meets and likes to make friends whenever he can.

He's usually the first to lend an ear, earnestly listening to his friends' problems and knowing how to comfort them.

Even though he always try to maintain a positive personality, the tuxedo cat can easily become shy and anxious, often stemming from his low self-esteem. He can also be possessive of close friends. It's not super obvious, but he's usually the first one to ask where you've been and who you've been with. If he sees you getting close to his teammates (especially Keiko, his crush), he'll consciously try to learn your intentions.

Skills and Abilities


Ian uses a TS-16000 S LV3. Attachments include the Combo Cartridge, allowing her to activate two Time Controls at the same time.

He also uses the discontinued TM-Gun for its small size and lightweight but he prefers to use his sweeper for the most part.


Ian graduated as a fully fledged Time Sweeper at the age of 18.


See Team Timewalker.


Team members


Having on a crush on your best friend is probably one of the toughest situations to be in, which is where exactly Ian finds himself in.



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Canon characters


Concept and Creation

  • Ian is the creator's favourite NPC in MOTAS and has been a member of her team since he was registered, and he's unlikely to be replaced anytime soon.


  • Ian's NPC outfit consists of a black and white zebra jacket and tan pants.

Official Artwork