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Grover is a Blinx series fan character made by Noxivaga. He is a Time Sweeper, working alongside many others who are also working to achieve the goal of universal peace. Grover is a member of team Red Blitz.

He exists in a Blinx AU (alternate universe) the creator made.


Big, big boy.

Attribute Color
Fur Green
Eyes Olive
Jacket Varies
Pants Varies
Boots Varies
Goggle Lens Clear
Gloves Black
Metal Black

Grover is also a mix breed, having one parent a leopard and the other a mixed domestic breed.

He is a very, very built character, realizing that utilizing his strength will help improve his performance. He stands quite a bit taller than most of his peers.


Grover is a dude of few words, and if he says anything at all, it's just personal side comments about whatever is currently unfolding in front of him. Don't let his appearances and size scare you too much-- the fella is very gentle and careful with his movements. His botany hobby also helps him practice fine motor skills, as oftentimes the plants he cares for aren't very big. They have to fit in a small living space, you know. 

Grover tends to let his actions do the talking. And, most of the time, that's all he needs. People just "know" what's up with him by looking at him. He may be the silent type but his face will, more often than not, let you know what he may be thinking. However, if you said or did something Grover didn't like, you will definitely know based on the way he's looking at you. Otherwise, he has a perpetual "I'm tired of all of this sh*t" kind of face, and even then, it's relatively pretty emotionless. This is likely what attributes to him being "scary."

While his most notable hobby is caring for plants, he regularly meditates to reset. For starters, it keeps him calmer. This is not a person you want suddenly snapping. Usually, he'll do one when he wakes up and then maybe a short session before he goes to sleep. Sometimes he'll do that in lieu of napping, depending on the week's work load.

When the other members do talk to him, he's noticeably grounded in his speech, and can toss pretty wise statements here and there. The guy doesn't let stuff slide by-- if you aren't doing what you're supposed to, he'll let you know. Tama has him as backup leader for a reason. 

Something that can be an issue-- particularly one that Tama had to deal with-- is when Grover makes up his mind, he's pretty set on that notion and hardly ever budges. Also, because of this, if Grover has a hard time trusting or believing you, it's gonna take either a long, long time for him to think otherwise, or some noteworthy act of selflessness or something honorable to get him to flip quicker. He needs to know you're in this as much as he is. 


Other than using a sweeper, he specialized in heavy weapons, such as bazookas, missile launchers, and grenade launchers.

Skills and Abilities[]

Big Guy Uses Big Gun.


Grover's story is pretty simple. He is the oldest of 4, out-aging the next oldest by 5 years, and the youngest by 11. His family is pretty tight-knit, complete with mom, step-dad, brother, and two sisters. Grover grew up with the value of good work ethic instilled in him. His parents worked hard, but neither were not maniacal workaholics. 

Mom works as a flight attendant, dad works a local assembly plant as a metalsmith. Grover had to assist with raising the other three when mom was unable to be fully present. Because he had a different father than the other three, he considerably outsizes the other siblings, and actually, the whole family. His younger siblings used to love climbing on him. When all is in check, though, he likes to spend time in his garden.

Dad's health was deteriorating over time, as the long and tough hours in the plant eventually took a toll on him. Eventually, all his dad was interested in doing was just simply spending time with his kids and resting. Fortunately enough, the rest of the family understood and did their best to lend a hand to help him out.

One day, Grover's dad got to the point where he was unable to work, which, unfortunately meant that the other source of income was gone. To help his family, Grover went to join the military and send back money to help out his family. A lot if hi motivation comes from making sure his family can maintain their lives and be happy. Plus, dad's deteriorating health means more medical bills. 

In the Time Factory, you'll see him in the post office every so often.


NPCs []



  • The boy EATS. He also pretty much always has snack on him, or else he's a big grouch with low blood sugar.
  • Grover is normally very reasonably careful, but if he must use force, then he's aiming to break you.
  • He has a set of favorite hats. For everyone's safety and wellbeing, please don't touch the hats.
    • Gray. Lookin at you.