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Grigori Vasilyev (callsign "Roach") is a fan Time Sweeper character created by Elias (or Grizzrobe). He works for the Time Factory and serves as a member of Team Viceroys.

Grigori is a hard-working medic and surgeon who had previous experiences as a physician prior to his recruitment to the Time Factory.


Attribute Color
Fur Color Red, White
Eye Color Yellow
Jacket White, Black
Shirt Black
Pants Black
Boots White
Goggle Lens Black
Gloves White
Metal Black, White

Grigori is a red and white cat with most of his white fur covered by his outfit. He has yellow eyes with black irises and his nose is pink. The area around his nose, mouth, whiskers, chin, and his inner ears are colored white.

He wears a pair of white goggles with black lens on his forehead. His jacket is white with the sleeves and the bottom section colored black, and it's typically almost zipped up. He wears a white band with the Team Viceroys' emblem on his upper left sleeve. Underneath his jacket, he wears a black buttoned shirt and a black face scarf around his neck. He wears a lightweight square-shaped dark gray body armor with the outer part and straps colored gray and gray duct tapes shaped in an X in the middle of it. He wears a pair of white gloves as well as a black smartwatch on his right glove. Below his body armor, he has a red first aid kit on the left and three gray ammo pouches next to it. He wears black cargo pants with a white holster bag on his upper right thigh, and white boots with the laces and the metal tip colored black.


Grigori is a hard-working member of Team Viceroys with more experiences as a medic and field surgeon than a Time Sweeper.

He is very careful during missions and operations, resourceful with the tools and materials needed in missions and surgery, and he is overall very humble and overly-modest about his efforts. Although he does suffer from post-traumatic stress disorders over the death of his family prior to joining the Time Factory. He is known in the team to be extremely overly-prepared in medical supplies and Retry crystals before he goes out into missions, which he usually gets over-encumbered by them. This usually made his leader, Leland "Fluffy" Coulson, being somewhat irritated by his hoarding habit and wanted him to not carry too many when going out. Despite that, Leland and second-in-command Samantha "Tigress" Vickers viewed Grigori as a dedicated medic in their team.

Grigori is also known for his uncomfortably long conversations with people he came across. Small talk with him usually spans to conversations that could last for ten minutes or more, making the person he was talking to gradually uncomfortable.

He is also known to be extremely caring about his teammates' condition and would always try to give them medical supplies whenever they're hurt, or even when it's nothing too bad. Members like Leland, who can withstand a lot of injuries than a normal person would, usually declined medical help from Grigori, which sometimes irritates him.

During his free time, he usually plays favorite game of chess against Samantha to see who is the "smartest" player, while making bets at each other.

Skills and Abilities[]

Grigori has more experiences in the medical field than in combat, and therefore his combat is somewhat lacking at times, in which he somewhat improves from training. He usually wields Lv.2 Sweepers (such as his TS-3000S Lv.2) and rifles (such as his TON16A), but most of the time, he usually assists his team by handing out medicines as well as providing support when needed.

Because of his role as a field medic, Grigori always makes sure he's stocked-up on medical supplies in case his teammates are in trouble and if they are, he tries to disregard whatever is happening in the field or do what he can to get to his wounded allies and heal them, despite him not being a field surgeon in the past. Even though a member wasn't that injured, he still tries to keep them very safe and healthy by handing them supplies when they don't even need them. But sometimes, Grigori is very encumbered on medical supplies, which causes him to have trouble moving around.


Grigori uses his TS-3000S Lv.2 as his main Sweeper weapon and automatic rifles, such as his TON16A, during combat, although he mostly uses Sweepers than firearms. He usually carries around four to seven pounds of medical supplies and Retry crystals before going out, which is typically too much and unnecessary to carry around.


Before his recruitment into the Time Factory, Grigori has an MD (Doctor of Medicine) from an unnamed medical university, he used to work as a physician for a medical facility back then as well as having a wife named Sasha and a son named Viktor, who always wanted to work at the Time Factory when he grows up, much like Grigori's deceased father. He has done collaborations with several other doctors, helping them with medicines and surgeries.

One day, however, when Grigori took his family out to a yacht party with his best friend, Dr. Brenton Langford (also a medical physician), the yacht was bombed by an unknown organization in hopes of disposing one of their targets there. In the aftermath, Grigori's best friend and his family all died in the bombing. Unable to overcome his grief, he sets out to find the organization who killed his family. He retired from his job as a physician and joined the Time Factory to find out who did it and to follow his deceased son's dream. He was eventually recruited into Team Viceroys' by the leader, Leland "Fluffy" Coulson, believing he can play a very supportive role in the team and also agreed to find the people responsible for the death of his best friend and his family.


Time Viceroys

Leland Coulson

Leland treats Grigori with a lot of respect because he's a very dedicated medic, he's pretty intelligent about medicines and surgeries, and his behavior is very tolerable to him. Grigori also holds a lot of respect towards Leland because he viewed him as a good leader and a dedicated member of the Time Factory. However, sometimes Grigori does get annoyed by Leland whenever he's hurt and sometimes denies medical attention from him, unless he is in critical condition. But Leland told Grigori that he carries too many medical supplies and Retry crystals and wanted him to not carry too much during missions.

Grigori plays chess with Leland, but he usually defeats him. As a result, Leland would flip the table over in anger or smack Grigori's head over with the chessboard, but he usually thinks he's being ironic. Sometimes, whenever he gets in a conversation with Grigori, Leland does have a hard time getting out of it because of his modest behavior when it spanned to ten minutes or so.

Samantha Vickers

Grigori and Samantha get along very well because of his tolerable behavior and they shared several similarities, such as they both have high-end degrees and like to play chess a lot. Grigori is very interested in Samantha's hacking skills while she's amazed by his medical skills.

They hang out with each other a lot to either have food together or to play a game of chess against each other, betting to see "who's smarter". Because they played chess against each other a lot, they tend to grow a rivalry and sometimes accuse each other of cheating whenever they lose, sometimes either as a joke or being serious about it.

Chris Kelso

Although Grigori and Chris don't speak to each other often, they, however, dislike like each other because of Chris's arrogant personality and his past as a corrupt Guard Sweeper. Chris doesn't like Grigori's modest personality as well as his habit of spanning conversations for long periods of time. Despite that, Grigori views Chris as an okay member of the team, stating "at least he can outrun me" and "he does get the job done when needed."

Grigori disliked Chris' radio conspiracy talk show because he thinks it's boring and mundane. Chris tried to convince Grigori to be in his broadcast as a special guest, but he always declines. In fact, in one episode, Chris played a threatening phone message left by Grigori to listen to, stating he'll "find where you're hosting your show and take that microphone of yours and shove it down your throat!" if he is ever in the show.

Jeff Noone

Grigori and Jeff seemed to kinda get along with each other a lot. Jeff finds Grigori's backstory to be very interesting and Grigori finds Jeff's bomb-making skills to be creative, although Grigori doesn't want to use them because he feared he might get himself hurt from it.

Grigori likes Jeff's caring personality because much like himself, Jeff does try to look after his teammates and be sure they're not in danger. And unlike many others, Jeff seems to be very interested in Grigori's long conversations and doesn't mind spending too much time talking with each other. Like the other members of the team, Grigori suggested to Jeff to lose weight and work out more so he will never acquire any obesity-related health issues.

Angus Conners

At first, Grigori and Angus disliked each other because since Angus worked an operative for the Singularity Company, a shadow black operations organization that he told his superiors about the Time Factory and the fact that Grigori believed they're responsible for inadvertently killing his family and his best friend at a yacht bombing, in which he accused Angus of carrying the attack out before he showed proof that another organization kill them. After a while, they seemed to be in good relations with each other. Grigori likes Angus' parkour and freerunning skills and while Angus seemed interested in his backstory as well as feeling bad for the death of his family.

Angus, however, doesn't like to be stuck in long conversations with Grigori. Sometimes, when the conversation takes too long, he would react by spazzing out while shouting uncontrollably, which Grigori finds to be hilarious and amusing. They sometimes share an energy drink together, but Grigori suggested that Angus should lay off on them because it made him very hyper-active and it might kill him if he drank too much, which caused Angus to freak out about it.

Back when Angus used to work for an unknown black operation organization,  Angus was injected by a lethal dose of poison by his associating coworker when he was disguising as a Time Sweeper and telling his superiors all of the intel he gathered at the Time Factory. He was founded and saved by Grigori when he administered him an antidote.


  • Because Grigori's name appears to be of Russian-language origin, the fact that he tends to speak in Russian, and as well as having a thick Russian accent, these may conclude that he is of Russian origin. However, creator Elias said he is not, stating that having him born of Russian origin would be convoluted since the Blinx franchise took place in a different universe and not in the real world. 
  • Grigori is the only member in the team who refers to his teammates by their first names.