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Gray is a Blinx series fan character made by Noxivaga. He is a time sweeper, working alongside many others who are also working to achieve the goal of universal peace. Gray is a member of team Red Blitz.

He exists in a Blinx AU (alternate universe) the creator made.


Attribute Color
Fur Dark Gray
Eyes Light Blue
Jacket Varies
Pants Varies
Boots Varies
Goggle Lens Clear
Gloves Black
Metal Black

Gray has got a lithe build, not being the biggest one around, but he can throw around his own body weight like an acrobat. He seems to always have something devious on his mind.

His eyes are a pale blue, and he has a weird dual-tone stripe pattern that genetics didn't seem to mesh well on.


If he wasn't on your team, and you didn't have to get along to make things work for the best, you wouldn't like him. Even then, you probably still wouldn't like him.

Gray has a difficult time gauging when and where to be blunt and brutally honest, and where to ease off... issue is, he doesn't exactly have a low setting when it comes to that. He regularly forgets that if you want someone to do something in your favor, you ask nicely. That being said, Gray is very prone to being mouthy and saying things he probably shouldn't. He's the last guy you want making under-the-breath comments when any authority is in earshot. He also seems to have insults for days. Best way to shut him up is to crush him with a comeback.

It takes just a step outside of the situation to see that he really, truly means well, but how he communicates and treats others can sometimes be very questionable. It can really get under your skin and wear down your patience after a while. You could then see that his character is mostly made up of bad habits rather than true malice.

Gray is substantially self-servient, seeming to know how to give just himself the one-up without fully realizing it. He has a knack for making chaos, and is very much an opportunist. He loves a good laugh, even if it might mean you're the butt of the joke this time.

All that being said, Gray is smart and cunning. The guy in school who didn't have to study that hard. He can glance over a scene and accurately judge the next priority and the next step within a few seconds, if that. Once you gain his loyalty, he's stuck to you like a magnet. If you can get him to respect you and think twice before saying something that may rub you wrong, you have gained a sly and and incredibly useful little game changer. 

The more you can get him to think about you and consider you, the better and smoother his behavior gets in the long run. He is pretty misguided in a lot of his convictions and needs someone to lead him in the right direction.


Gray grew up in one of those households. You know, those people who have the most unorthodox ways of doing things. Tying the lawnmower to a stake and a rope to mow without manual work, somehow get into the highest resorts at a motel rate while also taking the express airline on the way down, and create their own parking spots. Finding the loopholes in everything. 

Gray was a child who spent a lot of time being cared for by others. Either at a daycare, at a friend's house, at the after-school stay-and-play until one of his parents get him, you name it. It seemed like half the town has had a hand in raising him. His parents were quite lazy, unfortunately. He is an only child, too. Over time, though, instead of creating a well-versed and humble kid, all this made a kid who almost never saw his parents until when they got home, and then often were too tired to be patient. He was an empty soul for a while. It wasn't until he left the house was when he could see that through their exhaustion and lack of motivation, they still cared.

When Gray was in elementary, there was this girl in the grade above him who had one of those motherly souls. Funnily enough, her name was Violet. She took it upon herself to guide him in the right direction, as she thought it was the right thing to do--even at her age. Vi quickly became his sister from another mister, and she was his first true friend. Gray also adored how she seemed to be able to do anything and everything. She could read and write well, ride a bike, stunt on a skateboard, write her own music, tell the best stories, plow through math without much of an issue-- anything she did, he thought she was the best. And she was good, for there wasn't a doubt in her mind that she couldn't. He has a lot to thank her for during the years leading up to high school.

High school, for him, was a very dark time. Only because he can look back and see every last mistake he made, but he never realized it during the time. It was dark because he wasn't as aware and knowledgeable as he thought he was, not because it was tragic. High school was when he lost Violet. She was never truly apart of the "cool kids," she wasn't the class leader or whathaveyou. As he became engulfed by what society told him growing up into a man was, as he became lost in finding his own identity, she faded away into the past. Violet watched as she couldn't save her friend from his own obsessions. Gray looks back on that time and regrets his biggest mistake of leaving her behind.

Graduation came, and Gray didn't have anything planned ahead of him besides shoving some applications to the admissions offices of universities. That wasn't his forte anyways, he very much enjoyed his job over at the local mountain resort. He was a climbing instructor in the summer and a snowboarding instructor in the winter. At this point, and this came sooner than later, Gray realized that his "friends" in high school were not phenomenal people. He thought that time with them was time wasted and lessons learned the hard way. Everyone else he knew hated him for the way he treated them during those 4 or so years, and for being apart of the group he was in, so they won't even look at him. As much as he wanted to apologize to Violet and maybe get back to how things used to be, he didn't have the heart to. He did her a huge disservice, and just an apology didn't really seem like enough to make up for the damage he's done.

Then, after another falling-out with his parents, he eventually just decided to stay in or wander about the city in his free time. Lots of time to think… all by himself. He got a small place to rent alongside one of his acquaintances, who was also on their way to being a deadbeat. 

Gray spent a day hopping in and out of as many places as he could, applying for anything. The one job wasn't enough right now. He could hardly bear to be with people who supposedly didn't even want him around in the house he grew up in. Gray wore himself out by going to so many places, trying to catch people before they were occupied by their next task.

One night, while he was not super pleased with the results of his day, his roommate walked in and gave him an envelope. It was blank, except for his name on the back in flowy, near-perfect handwriting. Inside were some forms and instructions that seemed like there was a secret backdoor program in the armed forces he didn't know about. Something about sweeping. Also in it was a folded note that read, 

"I was gonna fill these out for myself, but after seeing you in the town today, I thought you'd get more use out of this than I would.



Gray regularly writes to her while in the Factory.


Team AssignmentRed Blitz




  • In MOTAS, this NPC constantly steals food and other items from Noxivaga during multiplayer versus modes. Constantly.
  • Noxivaga enjoys giving him a bazooka or firework, but he works best with a G300. That way he can't blow himself into smithereens while wandering right up to a target.
  • Can somehow spot enemies even before the player can.
    • Bro idk how it happens it just does
  • Is Noxi's "cold weather" character. He loves winter.


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