Blinx Fan Characters Wiki

This page is a template guide into writing Blinx fan character pages for this wiki.

Template Sections

Below is an ordered list of page sections for fan character pages, which can be split into subsections as needed.

  1. Description: Every page must have a short paragraph or two giving a general overview of the character. This section has no heading but should start with the character's name in bold formating.
  2. Appearance: How the character looks. Time Sweepers and Tom Toms wearing the standard uniform can have an appearance table at the start of this section (see Tables).
  3. Personality: The character's way of thinking, feeling and behaving.
  4. Backstory: The character's history.
  5. Skills and Abilities: What the character can do. A description of their combat skills is standard in Time Sweepers and Tom Toms.
  6. Equipment: Their weapons and/or tools of choice.
  7. Relationships: How the character connects and behaves with other characters.
  8. Creation: How the character was developed and designed.
  9. Trivia: Fun facts and tidbits.
  10. Gallery: Artwork by the creator and fanart (with credit).
  11. Appearances: Any media (writing, comics etc.) the character appears in.

If a section has no content, omit it from the page.


The very first element in a page's source code should be an infobox, which summarises key information about the character.

See the template page for more details.


Time Sweeper Appearance

Attribute Colour
Fur Colour
Eye Colour
Goggle Lens

Tom Tom Appearance

Attribute Colour
Skin Colour
Hair Colour

Writing Style

  • Write in the third person through the whole page.
  • "Is" over "was".
  • The person who created the character should be referred to as the 'creator'.
  • Do not add any WIP placeholder text.
  • Both American and British English spelling is acceptable so long as it is consistent throughout.
  • Pages should be free from spelling and grammar errors. You can use the Grammarly extension to spell check as you edit.