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Elias Dorne (callsign "Rivet") is a fan Time Sweeper character created by Grizzrobe. He works for the Time Factory and serves as the team leader of Team Firefly.

Elias is a highly-trained Time Sweeper whose combat and movement was greatly enhanced due to his cybernetic implants embedded in his body, in which he received prior to joining the Time Factory. He usually assigns his teammates their missions and ensures they carried them out while he does his missions single-handedly.


Attribute Color
Fur Color Turquoise Blue, White
Eye Color Turquoise
Jacket Black, Yellow
Shirt Yellow
Pants Blue
Boots Black
Gloves Yellow
Metal Yellow, Black

Elias is a turquoise blue cat with most of his white fur covered by his outfit. He has turquoise eyes with black irises, with his right eye having a red crosshair in the middle when his eye implant is active. His nose is pink. The top half of his face and around his left is turquoise blue while the lower half of his face, the area surrounding the blue spot on his left eye, and the front of his left ear are white. His tail is almost completely turquoise blue with only the tip of his tail being white. The tip of both of his ears are black.

He wears a yellow cap with his yellow goggles with black lens on top. His trench coat is black with a vertical yellow stripe on the left side of his coat and the coat's buttons are light gray. His coat is partially opened, with only the top button being connected. On his upper left sleeve, he has a yellow armband with the Team Firefly emblem embedded. Beneath his trench coat, he wears a gray ballistic body armor with a yellow buttoned shirt beneath the body armor. He wears a pair of yellow gloves with his black wristwatch over his left glove. His pants are navy blue and he wears a black holster around his right thigh. His boots are black, with the metal and the shoelaces being yellow.


Elias is a highly-trained and dedicated Time Sweeper who is often times described as intrepid, unsympathetic stern, and highly serious who is lacking in emotions due to his implants wiping out any real emotions he could've made. Much like with nearly every team leader, he always ensures that his teammates are doing any assignments they're given no matter the costs. Usually at their own pace or wants them to hustle.

Despite his rather stern behavior, he tends to treat his teammates with some respect like they're his best friends. However, he does tend to get annoyed with some of his teammates actions he is not fond of, such as Millie's pretty disrespectful and rude behavior towards Time Sweeper agents that she is helping recover and Chelsea's really laid-back personality, believing she tends to let her guard down. Much like his respect towards his team members, he also want his teammates to treat each other with respect, despite their differences between each other, such as Millie's behavior towards Chelsea due to her humorous behavior as opposed to Millie's more serious behavior.

When not in a mission, he usually exercises, watch television, or play video games sometimes with another teammate or all by himself. Or goes to World R8VP4 to visit bars, clubs, or restaurants to past the time. He also spends time practicing his parkour and free-running skills there. He like to hang out with Chelsea due to her laid-back and humorous behavior, in which Chelsea develops a crush for Elias, but Elias doesn't return the same feeling he has for her.

Skills and Abilities[]

Elias is highly-trained in combat (both ranged and hand-to-hand combat) and utilized those skills in any situation with no problems. When out missions, he usually has Chelsea or another agent who gave him his missions to guide him via communications. But sometimes he usually has one other agent with him.

Due to his implants and his past training, he's able to use any weapons he can find in the field with no problems. Even weapons that none of his teammates are able to use due to its weight or complexity and it's all due to his implants that granted him enhanced ability to handle any weapons easily so as long his implants have energy left. He can also dual-wield lightweight weapons with such ease as well as well as reloading empty weapons quickly. An implant embedded in his right eye grants him near perfect accuracy when using firearms. And another implant in his brain granted him very quick reaction time and reflexes that none of his teammates could match. And when in unarmed combat, his fighting style are a mixture of Krav Maga and Wing Chun. Because of his combat-enhanced implant, he's very hard-hitting at landing punches and kicks as well as quickly dodging attacks, allowing him to takedown and knock out enemies with ease.

The movement-based implant he received gave him many enhanced movement skills, such as being able to sprint rather fast and the ability to perform parkour and free-running acrobatic movements along with more advanced acrobatic techniques, such as wallrunning. He can also use weapons while performing parkour. On top of that, he tends to dive onto the group And in order to keep up, he practices his parkour skills by doing rooftop jumping, climbing on sides of skyscrapers, and climbing and vaulting objects. If his implants ran out of energy, he loses his enhanced combat and movement skills until he replaced the old implant batteries in his exoskeleton with new ones, limiting him to not be able to use weapons easily and being slow in movements. Not only that, he will suffer injuries he received prior to receiving his implants and may eventually succumb to them should he doesn't receive batteries for his exoskeleton to bring energy back to his implants. He mostly received these batteries from Chelsea (simply known as Exo Battery), but he also makes them himself.

Elias is also good at being strategic, being able to come up with the most well-approached plan before the start of most missions and if it goes south, he can come up with a new plan to even it out. He's known to be able to withstand any injuries he received despite how critical they can be and refuses to back down and decline Millie's help, much to her annoyance.


Equipment-wise, Elias doesn't have a favorite weapon he's specialized at using. He tends to use any weapon he was given or found in the field with no problems so as long his combat-enhanced implant has energy left. However, he does carry his favorite revolver with him and usually uses it if his other weapons have ran out of ammunition or he has no weapons.


Elias' backstory is rather uncleared (mainly because of Elias' refusal to reveal much of his past as well as not knowing everything about it), but it was revealed that when he was little, he used to be a chess prodigy and went on to become victorious against a grand chessmaster at the age of fourteen. However, he retires from competitive chess to focus on his education. He eventually graduated from an unknown university with a Ph.D in electrical engineer. He went on to work for a tech corporation, in which the company are in the process of fulfilling a classified project to create electrical nanobots that can be used to for an enhancement drugs that can improve a person's abilities and endurance. However, one day, a rival corporation (revealing to be the same company Raj works at), interested in the project, sent their paramilitary forces to attack the company's headquarters, eliminating everyone except for Elias, who was left mortally wounded. Instead of executing Elias, they instead take him in and used the implants on him for testing.

Elias was forcibly undergo surgery to implement the cybernetic implants into him. His implants included are:

- Reflex-enhanced implant (known as Reflex Type 4) embedded in his brain, allowing him to have very quick reaction time and enhanced reflexes.

-Aiming-enhanced implant (known as Accuracy Type 6) in his right eye that grants him near-perfect accuracy with any ranged weapons he uses. His right eye reveals a red crosshair over his iris whenever active.

-Handling-enhanced implant (known as Handling Type 7) on both his hands, granting him better handling with weapons, easily grab onto ledges during parkour or climbing, and enhances his hand-to-hand combat.

-A prototype exoskeleton (known as Scarecrow MKII), embedded in his body's skeleton. The exoskeleton powers up his implants with nanomachines containing electrical energy that powers up his implants, making them function and granting him enhanced abilities. He's granted enhanced pain resistance throughout his body, his exoskeleton's arms enhanced his ability to carry heavy objects (such as heavy weaponry) and better handling with weapons, the exoskeleton's legs grant him increased movement speed along with the ability to perform parkour and free-running acrobatic skills.

The downsides of his exoskeleton and implants includes him not remembering much of his past following the surgery, meaning he suffered a bad case of amnesia. The main downside of the implants and exoskeleton taking longer to recover from injuries he received, swimming in water short-circuits the exoskeleton and implant causing energy to run out quicker. On top of that, he needs to replace the exoskeleton's batteries with a specific type of battery (better known as Exo Battery) when his exoskeleton loses power every two days. Otherwise, his implants shut off, making him lose his enhanced combat skills and movements and he will experience injuries he received when he was nearly killed. He must receive new batteries within a day or he will succumb to his wounds and die. Along with that, he needs to use batteries in moderated amounts, otherwise using new batteries when his implants have energy left may cause to overload him and kill him. And he also cannot remove the exoskeleton and the implants he got, otherwise he will suffer injuries and will die.

After Elias received his exoskeleton and implants, he survived his injuries in the attack and was used to test his skills through simulations for the paramilitary company for their own personal gain. After years spent doing simulations, they abruptly ended all further testing and lock him in a containment cell at one of their blacksites over fears that they may have created a "dangerous super soldier" and that he could be a threat to anyone. After spending years in his containment cell, a group of Time Sweeper agents (revealed to be members of Team Firefly first founded by Raj) broke into the blacksite holding him and released him. Elias took out any blacksite guards that got in his way and he escapes, He was met by the Time Sweeper agents who recommended him to join the Time Factory as a Time Sweeper. With him being hunted by the company and wanted to know the truth behind two companies, Elias accepted the offer and he was almost immediately recruited due to his impressive skills and with that, he became the new leader of Team Firefly, with Raj as his second-in-command.


Team Firefly

Raj Amir

Elias views Raj as his most trusted man and closest friend in his team, especially when Raj was the original founder of the team and the one who organized the plan to break Elias out from his confinement. Raj was amazed by his skills in combat and movement that he wanted to study how the implants made him a highly-skilled Time Sweeper agent. While Elias was hesitant at first, but he lets him study his implants as well as his skills. Because Raj serves as the team's second-in-command, Elias relies on Raj heavily on providing plans for their missions as well as morale and support. And when Elias does get into an argument with another member, Raj is usually the one to sided with Elias

Not all of their interactions have been good. They tend to get into disagreements with each other, in which some cases turns into heated arguments that could possibly costed their missions. And also Raj does show some jealousy over Elias' highly-skilled moves that he wanted to try to out pace him in both combat and movement to not being able to outmatch him, much to his annoyance. However, he does tend to forget about it and and even sometimes dreamed of getting cybernetic implants to help enhance his skills, to which Elias told him that it's best that he doesn't get them otherwise he'll have to deal with the same issues with maintaining energy and managing batteries. Instead, Elias tells Raj that he should continue being himself.

Chelsea Reed

Elias treats Chelsea with a lot of respect to her due to her very friendly personality to the point that Chelsea even has a crush on him, sometimes asking to have a date with him, to which Elias kindly declines and he doesn't seem to have the same level of love and feelings towards Chelsea. However, they do hang out together rather often whenever they're not in a job or a mission, such as having dinner or drinks together or just simply visiting each other. Elias also helped providing Chelsea with metal scraps and other materials for her makeshift weapons and drones usually during the start of some missions, in which Chelsea views them as gifts from him. And in return, Chelsea provided him with Exo Batteries for him to recharge his exoskeleton and implants for whenever they run out of power.

Elias was also interested in Chelsea's skills when using computers as well as her hacking skills, especially when Elias was originally an electrical engineer before joining the Time Factory. During missions, Chelsea usually helps him by providing intel as well as using her hacking skills to provide him support, by manipulating infrastructures or breaching networks. This, combined with everything mentioned above, made Elias heavily trusting her and would defend her through any means necessary as well as finding the true hacker who framed Chelsea for a crime she never committed, which lead to her being demoted from her previous job as a mission operator and receiving probation.

Atticus Blackburn

Elias tends to have a hard time getting any interactions out of Atticus, mainly due to his disorder that made him autistic as well as lacking many emotions. On top of that, they hardly speak to each other, making it difficult for them to know each other better. But when they do interact, it's usually small talks or answering questions one may have. However in some cases, when they're lucky they do interact with each other a lot better as time goes by. In which they would either talk about their experiences working at their previous jobs before joining the Time Factory or may invite each other to hang out with them.

During missions, they need to trust each other's instincts and their methods. Because Atticus was originally a black operations agent, he provided Elias with good reconnaissance intel and sniper support. He also shared some experience and training he had to go through to Elias, allowing him to take notes on them and find ways to apply those experiences to his skills. Despite all of this, Elias and Atticus still have difficulty trying to get to know each other a lot better, which could lead to trust issues that could be detrimental.

Millie Nguyen

Elias and Millie seemed to have a mixed relationship with each other. There are times where they do trust each other as well as hanging out with each other just fine, but other times they may get into heated arguments or showing signs of not trusting each other, mainly due to Millie's antisocial personality disorder she was diagnosed with as a child. Elias usually berates Millie for her unsympathetic attitude and her rudeness towards him and the other members of Team Firefly. Whenever Millie argues with another member, Elias tends to be the one to break the fight apart. In cases like these, Millie tends to either talk back at him or shows signs of not caring. And in some cases, when hurt, Elias tends to deny her offer to heal his wounds or her medicines, much to her annoyance. But when he does accepts her help, she tends to blame him for seemingly hurting himself (which he did not) or not being careful enough.

While they tend to dislike each other, there are time when they do get along with each other well enough to trust each other. Elias viewed Millie as a good team medic due to her past experience as a military surgeon along with being highly educated in medical schools. And because Elias is team leader, Millie isn't willing enough to defy his orders and is more willing to do what he said. In some cases, Elias offers his help to her if she is struggling with them or requests help from others. Elias may also provides her with medical supplies for her to have so she doesn't have to go and collect them herself. So while they do tend to show dislikes towards each other, they do show signs or trust as well as some respect towards each other.

Lionel Frost

Elias and Lionel seemed to have a good relationship with each other. Elias does show some interests and amazement towards Lionel's past experience as a firefighter as well as his achievements and accolades. And Lionel shows some form of interest in Elias' implants and his experiences at his previous job. Before missions, Elias tends to select Lionel the most (aside from Raj) whenever he believes he needs one other member to assist him. And during missions, Lionel often provides Elias suppressive fire on enemies or firing assistance when taking out a tough target. Due to Elias often selecting Lionel a lot during missions, they grow their trust with each other very well.

Because Lionel suffers from schizophrenia and post-traumatic stress disorder, he may starting having mental breakdowns. This in turn caused Elias to try to provide him emotional support and try to boost his morale, but sometimes he's not good at it and may need Chelsea's assistance to help him regain his sanity. Other times, Elias would leave him alone or will be told by Lionel to leave him alone believing that if he tries to help him, his mental breakdown could get worse especially when he somewhat lacks emotions, much to Elias' dismay and concerns for him. So because of that, Elias often times watch out for him and tries to do whenever he can to help.


  • Elias Dorne's name went through a lot of changes during the making of him. Originally, his name was going to be Atticus Groth (first name was eventually given to Atticus Blackburn) and his last name was going to be Goldstein before his name was officially changed to Elias Dorne.
    • The first name is the same name as the Grizzrobe real name. He stated his reason to name Elias after himself was because "he always wanted to name a character the same name as mine, but I had a lot of different names I wanted to use before."
  • For his backstory, Elias was originally going to be paramilitary troop then it was changed to him originally being a vagrant before he is now originally an electrical engineer.
  • Elias' fur color was going to be dark red before it was changed to turquoise blue.
  • Elias revealed to know about Blinx, but he never seen or interacted him. In fact, he made a reference to him by saying "I heard of an orange Time Sweeper cat who made a real name for himself here after rescuing a princess."
  • Elias favorite beverage is orange soda, as he is often seen drinking it or having a bottle of it (or an empty bottle) with him.