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Chris Kelso (callsign "Vixen") is a fan Time Sweeper character created by Elias (or Grizzrobe). He works for the Time Factory and serves as a member of Team Viceroys.

Chris serves as the team's scout and infiltrator. He is known to be extremely cocky and vain up to the point that some of his members disliked him cause of that, although his personality slowly improves as he gets to know more about his teammates.


Attribute Color
Fur Color Navy Blue, White
Eye Color Bright Yellow
Jacket White, Black
Shirt Black
Pants Black
Boots White
Goggle Lens Black
Gloves White
Metal Black, White

Chris is a navy blue cat with white fur in the middle of his torso and his paws, which they're covered by his outfit. His eyes are yellow with black irises in the middle and has whiskers on both cheeks. The area around his nose, mouth, and whiskers is colored white, as well as his inner ears. His blue tail has a white colored tip at the end.

He wears a black reversed cap with goggles on it. His goggles have black lens with the frames colored white. His jacket is white with the sleeves and the black bottom colored black, his jacket is partially zipped, but only in the middle of his jacket. A notable feature about his jacket is that his sleeves were ripped, with only the upper arm remaining. He has a white band on his upper left arm with the team's emblem on it. Underneath his jacket, he's wearing a black buttoned shirt. He sometimes wear a black and white strap so he can carry his duffel bag on his back or a weapon He wears a pair of white gloves with a black smartwatch over his right glove. He wears a red and black utility belt around his pants, where he carries a brown, leather satchel on his left hip, two gray ammo pouches on the right side of his waist, and a gray satchel on his right hip. He wears a black, cargo pants, with a white holster with black straps on his right thigh. He wears white kneepads with gray duct tape shaped in a X on both kneepads, and he wears white, short boots with black laces on them, with the metal part colored black.


Chris is the youngest member in Team Viceroys. He isn't very experienced as a regular Time Sweeper, but he had a lot of experiences as a Guard Sweeper.

Back then, Chris, however, is known to be very arrogant, vain, and self-centered that some his teammates and the other Time Sweepers tend to look down on him and viewed him as untrustworthy. He appears to be shown as rude to other teams members who responded to his arrogant behavior negatively. This crates further distrusts between Chris and the other members as well as members distancing themselves and avoid contacts with him. This caused the leader, Leland "Fluffy" Coulson, wanting him to fix his behavior as he believes it could catch him off guard during missions and could put him a more trouble if he keeps it up.

He is also known to be very addicted to catnip ever since he tried them during his early days as a Guard Sweeper. He tends to consume a large amount of them almost daily. This caused Leland to berate him for it and wanting him to break that catnip addiction of his.

As of right now, he's shown to be a bit more modest than arrogant and vain, in which his teammates decided to forgive and trusted him a bit more, although he can be self-centered at times, but less often than before. Whenever he's not busy, Chris runs a radio talk show called Time Factory Mysterious Hours. In the radio show, he talks about various absurd conspiracy theories of his own while taking calls from other Time Sweeper listeners who shared their conspiracy theories on the air and comment on them. He usually airs them on the weekends, mostly Saturdays, and each episode lasts for roughly 30 minutes. As of right now, his radio show runs for 38 episodes so far. If he's not in a mission or running his show, he also goes to the gym and workout often, as well as taking a jog around the landscape in world R8VP4, or Retrowave World and the world that Team Viceroys mostly monitors. He doesn't hang out with other members often, but he tends to visit Jeff more than the others for lunch or training.

Skills and Abilities[]

Chris is the fastest member in the team. He is very agile, careful, and can dodge enemies' attacks very easily. His running speed allows him to outrun his opponents as well as infiltrate enemies' bases undetected. Due to him working out very often, he doesn't get tired often and he doesn't stop running until he's at the risk of passing out from exhaustion and dehydration

He's good with any weaponry, although he prefers to use lightweight weapons so he's able to run very fast without being slowed down by the weapon's weight. He shown to be better with using shotguns than any other weapon types because of his run-and-gun tactics.

He is also shown to be able to overcome obstacles quickly with ease, such as vaulting over chest-high walls or doing dive rolls over objects. And he is able to recover from falling very quickly and continues to keep running afterwards.

Because of his time as a corrupt Guard Sweeper before being recruited, he also can conceal and smuggle items very easily. Chris can also infiltrate enemy bases without being detected due to his careful and swift nature, allowing him to get what he needed and get out without alerting anyone.


Chris' favorite weapon of choice are shotguns because of his fast movement, allowing for run-and-gun tactic, being lightweight, and very powerful at close range. He also used other weaponry as well, but only lightweight weapons like Lv.1 and Lv.2 Sweepers, shotguns, pistols, and sub-machine guns. He does own a TS-3000S Lv.2 Sweeper and used it occasionally, but he still prefers using shotguns.


Chris joined the Time Factory at around age 19, where he received intern work before he became a Guard Sweeper agent, where he's mostly stationed in Half-and-Half World, the Ice Caves, and the Destiny Ruins. He eventually turned corrupt when he and his group of Guard Sweepers, named Joel Stanton (the group's leader), Colin Rivers, Maxwell Whitaker, and Stuart Pearce, began making trafficking runs in and out of the Time Factory for extra money. He mostly smuggles contraband and other illegal items for small criminal organizations outside the Time Factory while stealing resources and delivering it to them.

Eventually, Leland Coulson noticed the smuggling ring within the Time Factory and the Guard Sweeper division and decided to put a stop to them. Leland and his small team intervened many of the contraband and captured them for the innocent Time Sweepers to intercept. Chris' smuggling team took notice of it and devised a plan to dispose him and his team to continue smuggling for more money. They captured one of the leaders of a Time Sweeper team, Gray Price, because of his suspicion of their activities and as bait for Leland, in which Leland tried to save only to fall into their trap and captured him. Chris takes Leland to a different world where he can dispose of him discreetly, but he overpowered him and incapacitated him, but he was too late to save the captured Time Sweeper and they already disposed of him while Chris is taking Leland out. Now planning to dispose the rest of the rest of Gray's Time Sweeper team, Leland intervened just in time, neutralizing Joel and Maxwell while having Colin and Stuart arrested.

Leland later came across Chris again and used his corrupt activities he recorded discreetly when investigating them and the death of Gray to blackmail him into joining his team, telling him he's the only one standing and say he will show this to the Time Factory's CEO and have him removed from the Time Sweeper if he doesn't join him. He was at first contemplating and conflicted to join his team before he eventually saved Leland and another fellow Time Sweeper agent he was protecting, who was investigating Gray's death at the time, from the true leader of his corrupt Guard Sweeper group, later revealed to be Marshall Hughes, by killing him. Believing the team could use another member like himself, Chris chose to join Team Viceroys in hopes of redeeming himself.


Team Viceroys

Leland Coulson

Chris and Leland had a bit of a strained relationship due to him joining Team Viceroys forcibly when he blackmailed him after he neutralized his group of corrupt Guard Sweepers with some of his group members to be his friends. Leland also disliked Chris' arrogant personality and his addiction for catnip. Leland finds that his personality could catch him off guard when in missions and could possibly put him in more danger. And Leland wanted him to stop consuming large amounts of catnip otherwise he will send him to the rehab, in which he refuses to many times. Chris also disliked the fact that Leland used blackmail of his past as a corrupt Guard Sweeper and him discreetly dispose a Time Sweeper for knowing too much about him as a tool to forcibly work for him.

Besides those above, Leland finds Chris to be an alright member and Chris finds Leland to be an okay leader after he did some training in weaponry and trust with him. Leland would also make guest appearances in his radio talk show. Leland slowly sees Chris as a friend as he's changing his personality from cocky to a bit more modest as time goes by.

Samantha Vickers

Chris and Samantha disliked each other a lot, mainly because of his arrogant personality, his addiction for catnip, and his past as a corrupt Time Sweeper before joining Team Viceroys, which she mostly dislikes him a lot when she found out that her Time Sweeper friend, Gray Price, was murdered and disposed by Chris and his team for knowing too much about his band's activity. She also disliked Chris' radio talk show because she finds it to be "silly", "mundane", and "not worth listening, even if it's probably satire".

Besides those above, Samantha finds Chris to be an alright member of the team because of his fast movement and him completing missions when being told to. While being viewed as okay to Samantha, she does want Chris to have a better personality and stop consuming too much catnip almost daily, which the former he started to improve. Although Samantha questions Leland blackmailing Chris about his past as a corrupt Guard Sweeper in order to join his team, telling him it's not ethical to do that to make him a part of his team, which is one of the few instances that Samantha defends Chris.

Jeff Noone

Chris and Jeff seemed to get along very well, especially when Chris' arrogant personality doesn't seemed to bother and instead finds him to be ironic. He even finds Chris' past as a corrupt Guard Sweeper to be interesting, but he never told him the details about his former activities. Jeff finds Chris' radio talk show to be quite interesting and "worth listening to in the background when crafting explosives". Chris usually hangs out with Jeff to play some video games together or to have some lunch together. Chris also helps Jeff to lose some weight so he can move around without getting tired quickly by working out together.

Jeff's caring and bold personality helped shaped Chris' personality from being arrogant and cocky to being more modest about himself. And Jeff doesn't seem to mind about Chris' addiction for catnip. In fact, he had some with him whenever he's feeling stressed out or just wanted to have some for relaxation.

Grigori Vasilyev

Chris and Grigori don't talk to each other very often, but they seemed to somewhat disliked each other a bit because of Chris' personality and his past as a corrupt Guard Sweeper Chris, however doesn't like his overly-modest personality and he doesn't like to get sucked into Grigori's ten-minute conversations when he only wanted to have some small talk with. Despite that, Grigori finds Chris to be an okay part of the team, stating "at least he can outrun me" and "he does get the job done when needed."

Grigori doesn't like Chris' radio talk show because he finds it to be boring and uninteresting. In fact, when Chris tried to convince Grigori to be a special guest on his show, he will always decline. In fact, on one episode, Chris played a threatening phone message that Grigori left him for him to listen to, stating he will "find you where hosting your show and take that microphone of yours and shove it down your throat!" if he is ever featured in the show.

Angus Conners

Chris and Angus don't talk to each other a lot, but they appeared to have a decent relationship with each other. Angus doesn't seemed to mind about Chris' personality, stating he's "probably acting like that to be ironic" and he sometimes share a catnip with him or share an energy drink together, although he does sometimes warned him that consuming too much at once can be harmful, in which Chris sarcastically telling him that highly-caffeinated drinks could kill him, which freaks him out each time. While Angus didn't tell Chris what he did within Singularity, a shadow black operation organization, Angus is interested in Chris' backstory as a corrupt Guard Sweeper, in which he told him almost everything about it up until he joins the team.

Angus reveals that he listened to all broadcasts of Chris' radio talk show, as he finds it to be intriguing to listen to in the background while doing other things. Besides sharing catnip and drinks, then sometimes take a walk together around Retrowave World to have a drink at bars, have lunch in several restaurants, and go shopping.


  • Chris' original callsign was "Ajax" before it was changed to "Vixen". 
  • The full name of the Time Sweeper agent that Chris and his band of corrupt Guard Sweeper disposed, Gray Price, was later revealed to be "Grady Ernest Price", which Samantha discovered. 
  • Although Chris refers to his team members by their callsigns, he sometimes has a tendency to refer to his them by their nicknames that he gave to them, such as:
    • Leland as "Fluff Butt", "Wondercat", "Sweeper Sunshine and Buttercups". 
    • Samantha as "Ms. Computer Nerd", "Ms. Vocabulary", and "Lady". 
    • Jeff as "Biggy Kitty", "Jeffy", and "Fat Cat". 
    • Grigori as "Dr. Kitty", "Doc", "Doctor", and "Vassy". 
    • Angus as "Cocoa Fluff", "Spazzmatic", "Angus Beef", and "Twitchy".