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Chelsea Reed (callsign "Scratch") is a fan Time Sweeper character created by Grizzrobe. She works for the Time Factory and a member of Team Firefly.

Originally a Time Factory mission operator, Chelsea is Team Firefly's engineer and hacker who has a huge passion for computers.


Attribute Color
Fur Color Pink, White
Eye Color White
Jacket Black, Yellow
Pants Blue
Boots Black
Gloves Yellow
Metal Yellow, Black

Chelsea is a pink cat with most of her white fur covered by her outfit. She has white eyes with black irises, her nose is pink, inner ears are white, and the area surrounding her mouth and nose on her face is white with whiskers around them.

She wears yellow gloves with black lens on her forehead. Her zipped jacket is black with a yellow vertical stripe on the left side of it with a yellow armband on her upper left sleeve with the team's emblem on it and the sleeves on her jacket are rolled up to her upper elbow. Her jacket is mostly covered by her black lightweight ballistic body armor. Underneath her jacket, she wears a yellow buttoned shirt. She wears a black belt around her waist. On her right side of her wrist, she has a small black ammo pouch with a yellow bell next to it (which looks like the same bell Blinx wears in Blinx: The Time Sweeper). She wears a much larger pouch on the side of her right waits with a yellow wrapped-up electrical cable over it. On the other side of her waist she has a brown open pouch. She wears navy blue pants with a black holster wrapped around her right thigh, yellow kneepads, and black boots with yellow metal and shoelaces.


Chelsea is the most friendly and the most humorous member of Team Firefly who also show signs of respect and loyalty to the team. She is also very laid-back who lacks pessimism and has plenty of patience for everyone. Much like Raj, Chelsea likes to make humorous jokes towards her peers (either for fun or to raise morale for her members), but for the most part she is very friendly and outgoing, but she also doesn't take her job very serious, despite being expected to. Chelsea also shows signs of having a crush on Elias, however he often times doesn't noticed her crush on him and doesn't return the same feeling she has for him. Chelsea also dislikes getting to arguments or witnessing arguments, which usually happens within her team. And when a team member is feeling depressed, she usually does her best to try to cheer them up.

Before she joined the Time Factory, she has strong interests toward computers and coding that she dreams of being a computer engineer before she joins the Time Factory. She also taught herself on how to use computers to hack into networks, infrastructures, and other computers using exploits that she managed to make herself She also has an interest towards making drones and remote-controlled vehicles out of junk and metal scraps.

When not working, he favorite hobbies is watching anime, playing video games, and listening to music (in which lo-fi is her favorite genre of music), usually while working on either her own projects or constructing makeshift gadgets. She also likes to spend some free time together with other members like Elias and Atticus to either watch anime together, eat out together, or to play games together.

Skills and Abilities[]

Chelsea is usually not in the field to do missions, as she is often times in her room providing communication guidance to her teammates who are out during missions. She is very skilled at using computers and hacking into a lot of vulnerabilities in networks, infrastructures, data, and communications. She is able to make her own exploits for hacking as well as computer viruses, in which she used to them discreetly install them into computers owned by hostile organizations to steal their data as well as leaving no trails behind. She also used the information she got from hacking to provide her team with intel during mission planning. And during missions, she used her hacking skills to provide support for her teammates (such as shutting off power, opening locked doors, hacking into coded keypads, etc) as well as provide surveillance on her teammates or hostile targets using hacked security cameras.

Chelsea is also very skilled at using metal scraps and junk to create makeshift drones and remote-controlled vehicles. She has miniature automatic flying drones armed with machine guns that she made herself to provide her and her teammates some additional firepower. She also made RC cars armed with improvised remote explosives, in which she drives them remotely to deliver explosives to targets quickly and detonate them And improvised automated turrets and standard turrets she made herself. These turrets are used to either provide additional firepower as well as defending targets from hostiles. She's usually the one to build them when out in the field. But when she's not, she either leaves them or delivers them for her teammates to build themselves when they're out.

Due to Chelsea's lack of combat experience, she's not very good at combat along with not using weapons very well. And if she has to use weapons, she mostly prefers lightweight weapons and Lv. 1 Sweepers, but even then she's bad at landing shots on targets and often times rely on her teammates to take them out.


Chelsea's arsenal mostly consists of armed drones, RC vehicles, and automated defenses she made herself using metal scraps. She has miniature automatic flying drones armed with machine guns called Butterflies. She usually has them with her and used them to provide additional firepower for herself or her teammates.

She has RC cars armed with remote explosives called Rodents, in which she quickly delivers them to a target remotely and detonate them. She also has two types of improvised turrets: one turret called Guard Hound, which is an automated sentry turret that can provide additional firepower and is often used to defend against hostiles. The other makeshift turret type called Bloodhound and has to be operated manually and it's often used as additional firepower as well as for defending objectives from enemies.

She also owns lightweight weapons like sub-machine guns, pistols, and Lv. 1 Sweepers to defend herself, Because she's not good at using them, she hardly use them.


Chelsea Reed joined the Time Factory at around age 18 to follow her late father's footsteps, who used to work there before she was born. She spent years as a Time Sweeper agent and a computer technician and hacker, receiving accolades along the way to which she eventually got promoted to work as a mission control operator, serving as a moderator of activities within the Time Factory and provide communication to the other Time Sweeper agents during their field missions. After spending years as a mission operator, she was eventually got demoted and placed on probation due to alleged illegal hacking activities during her career, such as leaking confidential information on a large amount of Time Sweeper agents' information (which have been revealed to be done by another individual in order to frame her and steal her position).

Initially demoralized for getting repercussions over criminal activities she did not committed, inspired by her father's achievements before his passing, she decided to try to find the hacker who framed her and have him exposed. In order to do so, she practiced her hacking and computer skills in private along with building her own private computer network setup and her own personal artificial intelligence named Ajax to assist her in finding the culprit. While building her network setup, she practiced by building makeshift drones, RC cars, and turrets using metal scraps and other junk she collected while at the Time Factory's scrapyard. Using the assistance of Ajax by using some of his data to control some of the automatic drones and turrets as well as using her coding skills to work, she succeeded in making her own automated defenses and will use them at her own disposal.

While finding the hacker who framed her for her crimes, she managed to get close to him, but nearly every time she can get to exposing his crimes, he managed to evade and the left his trail cold. Unable to get enough evidence and information on the hacker, she decided to join the newly formed Time Sweeper team named Time Firefly, lead by then-leader Raj Amir, as the team's first recruited member. After the team grew, she agreed to help Raj break out Elias Dorne from containment from a blacksite. She helped letting him escaped by cutting the power to the facility, allowing Elias to escape. He was approached by Raj and the team and he agreed to join the Time Factory and serve as the new leader of Team Firefly. Now being a part of a well-organized team, Chelsea got plenty of support to find the hacker who framed her for crimes she never committed and expose him.


Team Firefly

Elias Dorne

Chelsea and Elias have a very friendly relationship with each other due to her highly respectful and humorous personality. She also shows signs of having a crush on Elias, however Elias doesn't seemed to return to same feeling she had with him to her. She even tried to ask Elias out for a date with him, however Elias usually kindly declines her offer, although all of this doesn't bother Chelsea very much. When they're not doing a job or mission, they do spent some time together often, such as having dinner or drinks together or just visiting each other. Elias also provides assistance to her by collecting scraps and other materials for her makeshift weapons and drones, in which Chelsea greatly appreciates them and thought they're all gifts from him. In return, Chelsea provided Elias Exo Batteries for him to recharge his exoskeleton and cybernetic implants.

Elias also shows some interest in Chelsea's skills as a hacker and computer technician, since he used to be an electrical engineer. During missions, Chelsea guides him through communication by providing him intel through hacked surveillance and using her hacking skills to provide support he needs, such as opening locked doors, breaching networks, and so on. All of this made Elias to view her as a valuable member in the team and is very willing to find the hacker who framed her that caused her demotion and probation.

Raj Amir

Chelsea and Raj do have a respectful relationship with each other, especially when she was the first member to be included into the team. Chelsea respects Raj loyalty to the team as well as being a best friend of Elias and Raj doesn't mind Chelsea's laid-back and humorous personality. Raj also shows some interest to Chelsea's computer and hacking skills after when Chelsea gave him assistance through communication and using her hacking skills and exploits to support him further.

When not on a job or mission, Chelsea and Raj hangs out together to either have some food together, go exercise together, watch films together, or getting some drinks together. Raj also lends a hand when Chelsea needs help building her makeshift armed drones and RC cars. Combined with all of this, Chelsea and Raj are in good terms and she sees him as a great member.

Atticus Blackburn

Unlike the other members in the team, Chelsea is able to have conversations with Atticus rather easily and because of that, they're in good terms together. Atticus appreciates Chelsea's humorous and friendly personality while Chelsea views Atticus as an interesting member who wants to know a lot more about his past. Unlike members like Lionel and Millie who often pressured him, Chelsea is very easygoing and patient with Atticus due to him being diagnosed with autism-spectrum disorder that impairs his communication skills and granting him an eccentric and quiet behavior, which shows that Chelsea fully understands how difficult it is for autistic people like him to endure.

During missions, Chelsea and Atticus often provide communication, intel, and reconnaissance to their team members during missions who are out in the field. When they have to work together, Chelsea tends to be Atticus' spotter while he tries to take out enemies from a distance with his sniper rifle. He also gives him her armed drones, RC cars rigged with explosives, and automated turrets for him to use for additional firepower or support. Because of all of this, they appeared to trust each other very well and more than the other members in the team.

Millie Nguyen

Millie is the only member in Team Firefly to show some signs of dislike and contempt towards Chelsea, in which Chelsea either doesn't realize Millie's dislike for her, takes no offense from her comments, or responds by also mocking her. Millie mostly mocks Chelsea due to her obsession with computers, to the point that she calls her "Ms. Computer Nerd" or "Cyber Nerd" as well as her humorous and jolly behavior, to which Millie finds it really annoying. However even all the insults and mockery she threw at her, Chelsea still look up to Millie a bit and is willing to help her. And when they're not in critical situations, Chelsea enjoys a little bit of harmless mockery and banter between each other.

During missions, Chelsea is more than willing to help Millie using her hacking skills and support for her, along with providing her armed drones for additional support. And when Chelsea does get injured and requires Millie's medical assistance, Chelsea often times apologized for getting herself hurt and saying she never intends to be a burden on her, in which Millie accepts her apology and tell her to try to be more careful. As they cooperate a lot more during missions, Millie seems to dislike Chelsea a lot less and even compliments her in rare cases, in which Chelsea views Millie as a good friend in return.

Lionel Frost

Chelsea and Lionel seemed to be in good terms together, despite not interacting with each other often. Chelsea commends Lionel's achievements and awards when he was a firefighter while Lionel's commends Chelsea for following the footsteps of her late father to work at the Time Factory and commitment to find the hacker who framed her for crimes she never committed. Whenever Lionel breaks down due to him experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder, Chelsea tries her hardest to get him to feel better by comforting him and emotional support.

While in missions, Chelsea provides Lionel assistance through communications and using her hacking skills to further help him. She also provides Lionel with her armed drones and automated sentry turrets for more firepower and suppressive fire. And when not on a mission, they hang out by walking together or to sit down and watch television together, but not often. While they hardly interact or hang out with each other, they still see each as valuable members of the team.

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