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Caff is a fan sweeper made by Lemons, currently he works in the factory's food court.


Caff wears a white polo, blue apron and blue cap during his work. His fur also pokes out of his clothes in some areas due to his fluffier than average coat, which also makes him look bigger than he actually is, something that annoys him when brought up by other Sweepers.

Clothing Color
Fur Brown, tan
Eyes Steel Blue
Polo White
Pants Dark Gray
Cap Blue
Apron Blue
Boots Metal


It's rare to catch Caff in a good mood, to most people he always seems grumpy about something. While being grumpy he isn't usually upset an anyone. He doesn't like having to talk with people. His coworkers often speculate or joke around with him about his grumpiness and often refer to him as "Cafe".


Caff is a normal cat like any other, and he still is. He works at the factory's food courts now and while he doesn't like his job he would never be a sweeper.


While he has interacted with other sweepers due to his job he almost never talks to anyone on his own volition.There is someone that's close to him though.


  • Caff is a ragdoll cat
  • Caff's name comes from caffeine due to his food service status and coffee. (and maybe another reason)