Blinx Fan Characters Wiki


A wiki database of Blinx The Time Sweeper fan characters created by fans of the series.

What are Blinx Fan Characters?[]

Blinx fan characters are fan-made characters from the Blinx The Time Sweeper universe. The character creator in Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space and the richly populated universe of Time Sweepers, Tom Toms, humans and potentially other species easily lends itself to the creation of fan characters.

The creation and sharing of Blinx fan characters has only developed recently, especially within the Blinx Corps Discord. The most popular type of Blinx fan character is the Time Sweeper, though some Tom Tom and human characters exist.

The common challenge with developing with designing a Blinx fan character is making them stand out while following the relatively strict rules of appearance. As such, it is rare to stumble across a fan character with an unappealing design as in that case it's harder to visualise them within the Blinx universe.