Blinx Fan Characters are characters created by fans that exist within the Blinx The Time Sweeper universe. The creation of "Blinx FCs" has recently become popular among Blinx fans (especially within the Blinx Corps Discord server).


The character creator in Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space can unarguably be named as the main source of Blinx fan characters.

Another game reason is the richly populated universe of Time Sweepers, Tom Toms and humans, though one has a much smaller premise to the other two.


Many races exist within the Blinx universe. The ones seen in the series include Time Sweepers, Tom Toms and humans. The expansive nature of the universe also has the potential for other races.

Naturally, the Time Sweeper is the most popular type of Blinx FC, having the most appeal yet the most restrictions when developing a character.

Some creators have Blinx FCs that are races not seen within the series but make them members of the Time Factory or Tom Tom Gang, making them convincing and interesting Blinx FCs.

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