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Angus Conners (callsign "Kick") is a fan Time Sweeper character created by Elias (or Grizzrobe). He works for the Time Factory and serves as a member of Team Viceroys.

A former black operation recon operative, Angus has a lot of experiences in freerunning, reconnaissance, and taking out targets from a distance with sniper rifles from extensive training before working for the Time Factory.


Attribute Color
Fur Color Dark Gray, Gray
Eye Color Turquoise, Green
Jacket White, Black
Shirt Black
Pants Black
Boots White
Goggle Lens Black
Gloves White
Metal Black, White

Angus is a mostly solid dark gray cat with gray color in his inner ears and white color in the tip of his tail. He has two different eye colors: his right eye is turquoise and his left eye is green, with both of them with black irises. His nose is pink and has whiskers on both cheeks.

Angus dons a white jacket with the bottom part of it and the sleeves colored black, his jacket is mostly zipped. On his upper left sleeve, he has a white band with the Team Viceroys emblem embedded on it. Around his jacket collar is his white goggles with black frames and black lens. Underneath his jacket, he wears a black buttoned shirt. On both side of his jacket, he has gray straps for his black ammo pouches and an milk carton around the middle of his abdomen. On his upper right chest strap is his gray handheld radio. He wears a pair of white gloves with a black smartwatch on his right glove. He wears black cargo pants with a light tan holster on his upper right thigh. He wears white kneepads with gray duct tape shaped in X's in the middle. His boots are white and his laces and the metal colored black.


Angus is a skilled recon specialist in the team. Before he joined the Time Factory, he worked for a classified black operation organization where they trained him in freerunning, reconnaissance, and using advanced weaponry like sniper rifles. Because of that, his leader, Leland "Fluffy" Coulson, becomes suspicious about his activities and his training and wanting to know what he did when he worked for while at the same time, he viewed him as a good member in his team.

Angus can be somewhat docile and can be quirky at times, but he's mostly nervous as well as being hyper-active because he is known to drink a lot of energy drinks and other highly-caffeinated drinks. Because of that, he does get twitchy at times, speaks at high speeds, and whenever he gets surprised or was informed of news that didn't like to hear, he would spaz out and scream a bit in response. Members usually joke around him so they can get his reactions, examples such as Chris jokingly telling him that energy drinks may kill him if he keeps drinking them. As mentioned above, he does act eccentric at times because he may act strange and can be difficult to understand at times, such as closing his laptop immediately whenever someone enters his room and wondering what is he doing on his laptop. He can being docile sometimes because he always follows orders from Leland, Samantha, and from his former superiors.

Much like Leland, he does blame himself if another teammate gets in serious trouble and not being able to save them, showing his care for his teammates. He is also known within the team for not interacting with his team members often, unless within serious circumstances, such as in missions.

Skills and Abilities[]

Angus is an expert in parkour and freerunning, allowing him to climb up obstacles quickly and easily, typically used that to reach his vantage point and lookout area with ease to provide with his teammates reconnaissance quickly.

As for weaponry, he's an expert at using sniper rifles. He is able to neutralize targets from long distances accurately without wasting too much ammunition as well as being patient about waiting for the best opportunity to take out his target. While he uses sniper rifles as his main weaponry, he does utilized Sweepers as his backup weapon, mainly his TS-5000W Lv.2 or other lightweight Sweepers.

Much like Leland, he is able to come up with the best strategy in certain situations as well as coming up with a new plan if their original plan didn't work. On top of that, Angus, along with Leland, thought of different tactics that their team can utilized to complete missions, mainly from the organization that Angus was in utilized.


Angus utilized sniper rifles, such as the Winterfield for various operations, whether to provide his team reconnaissance as well as providing backup from distances. For his backup weapon, he uses his Sweeper, like his TS-5000W Lv.2 when he has to engage hostiles from short to medium range. When he's able to, he'll pick up enemies' weapons for temporary uses.


Prior to his recruitment to the Time Factory, he used to work as a recon operative for a shadow black operation organization later known as The Singularity Company for nearly 5 years, where he was a member of the Singularity Program, a training exercise program for younger operatives that gives them long-extensive training from their superiors based on their roles as well as providing them prototype implants for enhanced combat techniques, which Angus declined having. During his time as a recon operative, he eliminated many targets and being able elude his pursuers discreetly. But what he didn't know is that most of the targets he eliminated are former Time Sweeper agents, it was that his superiors never told him about that and the reason why they targeted former Time Sweeper agents is currently unknown to him.

During his last mission, Angus was ordered to infiltrate the Time Factory by disguising as another Time Sweeper and providing his superiors crucial information about the Time Factory's mother computer, the Time Sweepers' superiors, and their production of weaponry and equipment. While at the same time, he would receive help from one of his associates. While doing these tasks, Team Viceroys member, Grigori "Roach" Vasilyev, noticed him and gets increasingly suspicious about his presence, since he never saw him before and the fact that he knows most of the members within the Time Factory. Because of his suspicious activity, Grigori follows him discreetly so he knows what he is up to. After Angus provided his superiors all the information he gathered, he congratulated him, but he told Angus that his usefulness to them is "no longer required anymore". Immediately afterwards his associate, revealing to be second-in-command and his trainer, Kessler, injected him with a lethal dose of poison. He fell over while Kessler leaves him for dead. After Kessler left, Grigori came over to Angus and injected him with an antidote, effectively stopping the poisoning.

Angus regained conscious in a clinic, where he was greeted by Team Viceroys' leader, Leland "Fluffy" Coulson, and his members, Samantha "Tigress" Vickers, Jeff "Midas" Noone, and Grigori. Leland informed Angus that Grigori saved him and he knows what was his reason being for in the Time Factory, as well as informing him that they're preparing for a fight against Singularity in the future, since he informed them about everything he collected. Leland told him that because his superiors and members of Singularity believed that he is dead, he gave him a choice to be a part of Team Viceroys, mainly because of Leland's interests in Angus reconnaissance skills and wanting to know more about what Singularity has taught him. Otherwise he'll inform Singularity that he is still alive the whole time, in which Angus reluctantly agreed to work for him and the Time Factory sometime later.


Team Viceroys

Leland Coulson

Angus and Leland have an okay relationship with each other. Leland trusted Angus for providing him and his team useful reconnaissance as well as telling them what's about to come. At the same time, however, Leland wanted him to cut his habit of drinking too much energy drinks because of his twitchy movements, easily surprised responses, and the fact that he talks way too fast. Because he used to work for Singularity, he taught Leland and his teammates about the different tactics that he and the organization utilized, in which Team Viceroys also utilized so they can have a thought-out approach in completing missions.

Leland viewed him as a good recon specialist and a sniper rifle expert while Angus viewed him as a good leader who helped shaped him while showing his loyalty to him. However, Leland still gets suspicious about Angus due to his past activity and training within Singularity.

Samantha Vickers

Angus and Samantha don't interact with each other often, but she does find him as a good member of their team. Besides that, she finds Angus' parkour and freerunning expertise to be interesting to her and the fact that he used to work for Singularity, something that she's been trying to dig information about even before she met Angus, and also because of the different strategies they taught him.

While Leland told Angus to cut off on drinking too much highly-caffeinated drinks, Samantha sometimes share energy drinks and coffee with him together while getting to know more about each other better, but they do agreed to not talk about their pasts for now.

Chris Kelso

Angus and Chris don't talk to each other a lot, but they seemed to have a decent relationship with each other. Angus doesn't seemed to mind Chris' arrogant personality, believing he's "probably acting like that to be ironic" and he has catnip or energy drinks with him together. Sometimes, Angus would tell Chris that consuming too much catnip might be unhealthy, in which Chris jokingly tell him that drinking too much energy drinks would kill, in which he freaks out every time. Although Chris doesn't know a lot about Angus' activity within the Singularity Company, Angus seemed to be highly interested in Chris' past as a corrupt Guard Sweeper, in which Chris told him almost everything about it up to his recruitment within Team Viceroys.

Angus likes listening to Chris' radio conspiracy theory talk show, usually listens to them in the background while he is doing other things. He likes to talk walks with him or dine in restaurants around Retrowave World, which is where they mostly monitors,

Jeff Noone

Angus and Jeff seemed to dislike each other, mainly cause Jeff finds Angus to be weird as well as being irritating because of his twitchy movement and his reactions while Angus pokes fun at Jeff's weight.

But during missions, Jeff and Angus always make sure they're okay and away from trouble during missions. Despite their distaste for each other, Angus finds Jeff as a lifesaver to him whenever he's in any dangerous situation. And if they get along with each other better, Angus sometimes share energy drinks with him.

Grigori Vasilyev

Initially, Angus and Grigori disliked each other because of the fact that Angus worked for Singularity and told them every crucial information about the Time Factory to them and Grigori believed that Singularity are also the same organization that inadvertently killed his family and his best friend at a yacht bombing, in which he accused of Angus for carrying out the bombing before he shows proof that another organization carried out that attack. After they get to know each other a bit more, they appeared to get along with each other. Grigori is interesting in Angus' parkour and freerunning skills while Angus does find Grigori's backstory to be interesting, but he also offer his condolences to his deceased family.

Because Grigori's habit of spanning conversations for long periods of time, Angus tries to avoid having conversations with him sometimes. And if the conversation extends further, he would react by spazzing out while freaking out uncontrollably. To which Grigori finds it to be hilarious.

When Angus used to work for Singularity, Grigori was the one who saved him when his trainer attempted to kill him when Angus was sent to infiltrate the Time Factory and tell his superiors about it.


  • Much like Grigori, creator Elias (or Grizzrobe) stated that Angus speaks in an Irish accent, meaning he's of Irish origin before he denies that because he finds it convoluted, since the Blinx franchise taking place within a different universe and not the real world.
  • Angus, along with Samantha, are the only members who refer to their team members by their last names.
  • Angus is the only member to have heterochromia eyes.